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Looking for TEAMS to comptete. please email me the following promoter@cfcu.tv

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Sorry to hear about your troubles

I hate to see that happen, when it was obvious how much effort you put into the fights

besides the behind the scene B.S., you pulled off a good event. Lot of people there. Count me in for your next one and I'll get some more of our team to fight too.


Great show. Thanks again Timmy. Looking foward to fighting on the next card.


Can anyone fill me in on what happened? I was suppose to be at the last show and will certainly be at the next.

emailing you Tim. Call me if you need to;)and not last minute! lol. j/k bro.

as long as i'm not sick as fuck, i will be at the next one. pissed i couldn't go.

and Estrada, i can't get through to your number. gimme a ring beeeeeyatch.


:o) -timmy

What happened was...

I had a team from Arkansas bring 4 guys up
and 2 of the four names showed up along with 2 new names. After they all weighed in the following morning 2 of the (the two new names) skipped town after they saw there opponents. The other two guys i had to basically beg to fight. Then after it was all over they went to there hotel room and trashed it. Broke everything and cost me 1000.00 in damages. The team name is CABOT COMBAT they are from Arkansas manager name is Jayme Kalae. The two that skipped town are Quinton Lenig and Derrik Allen from Portage Indiana and the two who wrecked the hotel are Colt Norton and Max Fowler from Cabot Combat in Arkansas. Also i had a guy not show up at all after he called and said he was on his way from Chicago his name is Aaron Jamieson. Sad IMO



That is some serious bullshit.

ttt for team info keep it up please


I say we get a few fellas from G2, go to Arkansas and beat the crap out of anybody that has a full mouth of teeth! What a bunch of classless pigs. They probably broke the furniture becuase they weren't accustomed to using the bathroom inside!

i met those arkansas kids at the Bourbon St fights and they said they's fight anybody anytime! lol

those kids definitely had a few screws loose. ask Estrada about the "training video" they showed us.

and timmy, if i was ref'ing those fights like originally planned i would've needed extra towels to wipe up more than blood. other than that BS i heard it was a great show so don;t let those bastards grind you down.

Thanks we plan on having another huge show on march 10th im working on the card as we speak!

Chris "The Grinch" Reedy going to be on there at 170 ?

Timmy, Sorry about the trouble you had from my guys, I wasnt there, but i can assure that nothing like that will happen again. Both fighters were booted off the team, and whatever we can do to make the situation right let me know. Thanks Jayme