Extreme Fighting continues to grow

Extreme Fighting International is on thier way to the Mass Mutual Center in Springfield Ma which seats up to 8000 people. This is going to be huge for MMA in Mass.


yeah some cool fans there also

It's going to be a great spot for a show. Mass Mutual Center is a real nice place. It should be a great show.


In most regional MMA shows that use venues this big usually a "curtain" will be drawn to cut it in half.

Obviously part of the reason is cut costs on electricity, heat/ac, etc. But also because even 2,000 people doesn't look like much in an 8,000 person capacity venue.

just sayin'



War EFI!!!


Yeah I would close half that thing off too - but nevertheless awesome that it will be in such an a cool venue!

this show will have a 195-pound female fight... a EFI first!!

^^holy moly...I thought you were kidding about the women's fight.

For my money, you can't bet against anyone on the Bombsquad (ever). But, damn, Roman just looks tough as nails.

Lana Stefanac?

ttt for all smaller venue MMA doing things right...

you should fly in gina carano and get her a fight

EFI is the future of MMA in the Northeast. I'm proud to do my part in helping promote it through my newspaper articles.

Jason thanks we are all very thankful.

When do tickets go on sale for the October show?

Is this show scheduled the same night as other shows? I'd like to check this one out some time but it always conflicts with other shows.

SilverDragon, any insight?