Fabio Maldonado vs. Joey Beltran

Up next... I got Maldonado

Seems like ages since I've seen either of these two fight. Maldonado decision after Beltran eats x hundred punches.

I got Maldonado


Im 1-1

Missed preliminary Phone Post

The cocaine cartel mexican gangbanger vs The psychopath brazilian who kills people when he's not training.


I look forward to it.

I love beltran but what he's doing is stalling Imo. Phone Post

Nice showmanship from Maldonado. Phone Post 3.0

Went all anderson. He better win Phone Post

boxy - Beltran making it boring.

He's stalling Phone Post

This sloppy, but not that's not really a surprise. Phone Post

Maldonado via snot rocket!

Nvm he's bavk Phone Post

Fuck sloppy I like it.

Its like mortal kombat Phone Post


Stalling again Phone Post

When they said MMA is like human chess, they weren't kidding.

I had high hopes for this fight

DragonDidn'tDrinkEnoughPee - Fuck sloppy I like it.

Its like mortal kombat Phone Post

Mortal Kombat when neither player knows how to do fatalities. Phone Post

Maldonado about to be 2-4

Might be the last fight in the UFC from him.

FOTN Phone Post 3.0