Fabricio calling for Super Fight with Jon Jones

wiggum - I'd root for Jon for the first time in many years.

   I get the idea that Jon is much more in his prime, but root for him over the best freaky smile in the biz? No way, Werdum is a good egg.

    It’s never gonna happen, but got Werdum and PFL a little press. I don’t knock his hustle. 

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Nobody on earth wants to see the number 1 205 guy against the number 11 heavyweight. Maybe when Werdum was champ, but now, literally nobody gives a fuck. 

Jones has never fought at HW.

Plenty of people want to see this.

No, they want to see him against relevant fighters

Well there’s already 5 people on the first page in the wee hours of the morning on an obscure MMA forum that want to see it.

So evidently you don’t speak for everyone.

Regardless, it won’t happen.

Too risky for the UFC.

Wow, 5 contrarian people who would probably pay to watch Logan Paul fight. Very convincing argument, I’m sure this fight will surely be signed now. 

How the fuck is having an opinion contrarian?

There are even more people wanting to see it on This page.

Don’t be such a snob.

Personally, I would have liked to see this fight a few years ago when Jones should have been fighting at HW.

Super fight? LOL.

Not that it ever happens. But Werdum via submission.

Speaking of Werdum… ever since the Colby incident I’ve wanted to see Werdum walk to the cage with his boomerang like Overeem used to do with his hammer and Rampage did with his chains.

lol he might as well ask for free coke. no harm in it. maybe he gets given a load of free coke, or if not, everyone now knows what he’s up to. PFL.