Fake Belts?!!

So last night I go to a very good amature mma show in Lansing MI.

While there I run into a guy named DALE KINNER. This guy has been running around Lansing telling people he is 2nd degree Blackbelt in BJJ. Being a blackbelt myself, I was interested in meeting him.

To clarify matters I asked if is a blackbelt in BJJ and he said yes. I asked who gave him his blackbelt and he said, Carlson Gracie Jr. To make sure I asked if he meant JR in Chicago and he said yes.

Well,,,, I grabbed my phone and called Jr while standing with DALE KINNER. Dale said, Good luck and walked away when he saw me calling Jr.

I followed him and spoke with Jr who said he has never heard of DALE KINNER and asked to speak with Dale. I went into a room where Dale was and told him Jr wanted to speak with him and he said no he didn't want to speak with the guy who gave him his blackbelt!!!

DALE KINNER in Lansing Michigan, 517-230-0314 was the number for the gym he gave me.

I also saw a sign for Matt Torres and Brad Johnson who claimed to be brown belts in BJJ. I spoke with Matt for a few seconds. He had a weird story about training with Miletich, so I asked if Miletich had given him his brown belt and he said no. Then he mentioned training with Ciaque BJJ. I asked if he got his brown belt from Ciaque and he said no. Then he explained that he is a "equivalant" of a brown belt because he has tapped every blackbelt he has ever trained with!!

Matt introduced me to some older man, and quickly left the room. This other guy then told me that Matt is the real deal and has tapped Miletich in 30 seconds! Told me how Matt can tape any blackbelt in the UFC in under 1 minute. He then told me that they look at belts differently then most... he explained that the color doesn't matter to them, just the results... I asked why they advertise being brown belts... I was (again) explained that Matt has trained with UFC level fighters, even made Rashad Evans what he is today, and has tapped them all!!!

This older guy asked where I got my blackbelt and I said, Jorge Gurgel. He told me Matt and Brandon could tap JG out in 30 seconds. I told him that JG would be in Grand Rapids this coming weekend and they should come train!!!

I was then told about cost to train at this place... $99 a month for 1 1 1/2 training session a week upto $250 for 3 1 1/2 hour training sessions a week!!!!

I hear the sirens coming.

Grabs a can of spam and a bag of cheetos an awaits.


Nice work! Time to start harassing these assholes.

Sign on the door claimed that Brad had over 300 wins in wrestling with only 23 losses!!

I'm glad someone is bringing these frauds to light. Otherwise, a BJJ black belt wouldn't mean anything. IMHO, charging students tuition money for something they aren't really getting is fraud and should be prosecuted accordingly.

Good work!


Here's a tip for the frauds: If you are going to pretend to be a BJJ Black Belt DON'T pick the most famous Black Belts to say you are under. Don't use the name "Gracie" or "Machado".

Instead, make-up a common, familiar-sounding Brazilian name and say that is your teacher.
(e.g. Rodrigo Silva, Alvaro Moraes, Luis Texiera etc.) something believable and hard to disprove.

Hope that helps the budding young frauds out there!


Prof. Shen
(6th Degree BB under Prof Alvaro Silva)

brings eggs and rice and cooks randys spam

That guy's music sucks so bad. I'd bet his jiu jitsu is worse than his music. Horrible.

I dont see how anyones Jiu Jitsu could be worse then that music holy hell

Dam,what a waste of spam and cheetos

i got my bb from rapeson

starts pouring diet coke..

 I call bullshit. No way Jr. answered his phone.

lol shen.


The fakes are everywhere.

I'm in Canberra (Capital of Australia, pop 320k) and BJJ's pretty light on here. We've only just recently got a legit Black Belt (Humaita) and the other instructors are all Purples and one Brown.

Anyway, about 2 years ago I hear rumours of a BJJ Black Belt that's set up shop. I ask around a bit and learn the following things:

- Yes, he's claiming to be a BJJ Black Belt.
- Who happens to be 'vision impaired'...
- And got his BB from Renzo Gracie.....

There's three problems with this:

1 - BB's are still rare as in most parts of Aus.
2 - How many 'blind' BB's are there? I know of two - Vandry and that young guy.
3 - Renzo? The dude is legendary for being 'stingy' (in a good way).

Combining all three, I suspect shenanigans. So, a quick email to Renzo's academy and sure enough, they've never heard of him.

I also found out of my Judo coach at the time, that this particular chap was known for 'enhancing' credentials, stories and the like.

So I start telling anyone who'll listen that Renzo's academy have never heard of him and before long (not saying I was responsible) he just sort of fades away....

Why do these people feel the need to lie? why,to make themselves feel important? to inflate their own egos? it is bullshit,pure bullshit. i've never lied about it,and i've had people ask me what my belt is in BJJ and i've always told them i have none,i've studied BJJ for 11 yrs now,but i have never stepped foot into a gym,i have a library of books and dvds on nothing but BJJ/10planetJJ,i've drilled and sparred countless hours and could very easily B.S. my way into making people believe i'm at least a legit brown belt.
But my point is i don't.because it is an insult to BJJ as a credible martial art,i maybe a nobody,that chokes out street punks or people that THINK they know BJJ,but at least i'm honest about it


so jeremy, if you've never stepped foot in a gym, then i assume you roll with friends.

are your friends trained in any form of grappling at all?

any reason why you don't train at a BJJ gym? are you living in some backwater part of the world?

dojo stormer - so jeremy, if you've never stepped foot in a gym, then i assume you roll with friends.

are your friends trained in any form of grappling at all?

any reason why you don't train at a BJJ gym? are you living in some backwater part of the world?

1 yes i do
2yes some of them were H.S. wrestlers,two of them "CLAIM" to be purples from the local dojo "which they dropped out of"
3 never had enough cash. and yes i live in a shitty little town in texas,where the only BJJ instuctors are , A at the college and B some Fat guy who CLAIMS to be a black belt,but has never produced any really good BJJ guys out of his "i choked out a couple of his browns back in the day" so i'm not too impressed by him