Fake MMA Claims or Real: U DECIDE

"ahhh... that was a good year for the PUCL. alot of good fights."


i thought it was Tony Bonello

You guys should stop mocking the PUCL. There are some TOUGH fighters in that promotion...I fought six death matches there and lost ALL of them.

Wait...aw, crap. Forget I said that.

TTT for the Panamanian Underground Cagefighting league

That resume is more than enough BS for me today

You forgot his Muay Thai instructor:

Choo Chee Ritteluchai

This place is about 2 miles from my house. I have already been talking about this place on another forum that is totally unrelated to MMA. The member over there asked what people thought about the place and gave a link... I basically said that everything about it looks fishy.

I think I am going to have to go over there and do a drop in class. One thing I noticed was that they have a BJJ class 5 days a week (every day they are open) and I just have to assume that the instruction is going to be horrible considering he does not mention anywhere on the page where he trained BJJ. And in case you didn't notice... he mentions pretty much everything on his page... I am literally surprised that he does not advertise that he is in the Brazillian hall of fame for most intimidating BJJ competetor.

I can hold my own when it comes to bjj so I should be alright... the only thing is that his site has him listed as 6'8" and 290lbs.

oh and here is his myspace...


6'8" 290? well, hell he should always be voted most intimidating.


I found Something even more funny about him.

if you go to his myspace you will notice that he has his IQ listed by one of those BS online IQ tests as 160.
It is listed just like below... I copy and pasted it.

"Your IQ Is 160

Your Logical Intelligence is Far Above Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Far Above Average

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Far Above Average

Your General Knowledge is Far Above Average


well if you go to this link...


you will see that the highest IQ you can possibly get on that test (even if all the answers are correct, all 16 of them LOL) is 140.

He actually went in and changed his IQ to higher than allowed by the test.

Alot of the stuff on his myspace and website just smells of bullshit... and on his myspace he proudly proclaims he is a christian... huh... figures.

what is the connection between martial arts/christians/bullshitters?

why does it seem like they always go hand in hand... the biggest bullshido schools tend to have some christian undertone to them.

Methinks they attract those of similar ilk. (and why am I all of the sudden talking like a pirate?!?!?!)

LMFAO!!!!!! Someone needs to go to this dojo and check it out. LOL :)


Arclight, have you posted this on www.bullshido.com yet?

"Blake, Jeremy's PUCL rookie card recently sold for $9,000 on ebay."


No but bullshido is not a bad idea.

TTT for Arclight posting on bullshido.

I live right near it.. and I know you are in the area.

we should go check it out tomorrow.

Nah I live in Austin. Hopefully someone else in Lubbock can join you.

His new school is in the DFW area. Specifically in Bedford.

I was at work and was going to email the martial arts hall of fame and tell them about his claim.

did a whois.net lookup of his domain as i didn't want to email from his form. weird name.

he claims bjj, but i couldn't find his instructor.

we should email tim silvia and say that this douche is talking smack about his haircut and flabby belly.

sad but this guy is making more at teaching than we are.

if anyone gives him a message tell him that we're making fun of him here.