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Hello exercise and nutrition gurus! What's a good fat burner to shred my midsection i kinda have a gut.. I exercise my midsection but it won't go away.. Any recommendations?




Hey Lumpinee, I just noticed your screename. Have you ever been to Lumpinee stadium? I was in Thailand for about a month a year ago and got to watch about 40 matches there.

J. R.

what was that like JR? And how do you compare those guys to what you have seen from boxers and K-1?


Eat less

train more.

Buddie, it was an AWESOME experience. The competitors were absolutely top notch. As compared to K-1 I think I liked the Thai fighting more, but that may be just because I was so excited about being there live. Also, kind of hard to make a direct comparrison because the Thai fighters were all so small. The largest fighter I saw was 136 lb.'s. Most of them were between 110-125 lb.'s. One really big difference was the amount of punishment the Thai fighters were able to absorb. The profiency of their technique was not too much different from what you see in K-1, but a main difference was how they were content to square off in the middle of the ring, trade shots for the entire fight and let the judges/crowd determine who had better technique. They were all so tough that there were not a lot of knockouts. They were taking full force kicks and elbows to the head and not even blinking. The crowd would get the most excited about good knee strikes. It was VERY easy to see why most of them retire in their early twenties.

Best in Health and Training, J. R.

Definitely start training properly number one. If you have to take something, Biotest's Hot-rox works very well.

Mike Mahler

JRS- those little Thai dudes are crazy huh?

Mike- Whats hot rox? got some info to share hmmmm?

I'd fix your diet first, as it's more important than pumping a bunch of caffeine/ephedrine into your system.

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