Fat loss diet

 Looking to lose fat mainly and was wondering what the majority thought was the best diet.  Was thinking simple low cal/low fat, or paleo diet, or "bodybuilder type diet"...

thoughts?   BTW I do a lot of cardio during the day, usually playing basketball 5 days a week, about 3-4 games at a time full court, then small cardio before/during lifts

I don't know if I'd worry about low fat.  Fat doesn't make you fat.  Excessive calorie consumption makes you fat.  How much do you weigh?  How tall are you?  Do you do any resistance training? Intervals?  What does your typical daily diet look like right now?  What is your ideal weight?

You got alot more reading to do EI! Jump on ast-ss.com & find their calorie calculator for your bodytype. Then hit calorieking.com & work out foods you can eat that add up to those macronutrients that were spat out of ASTs calculator.

If thats a bit overwhelming, go to johnberardi.com & find his article "7 elements of a good diet". Thats an excellent & simple start bro.

Will you be making all of your own food? Cordain's "paleo diet" can be difficult if you can't control the prep and composition of your meals.