Fatass/Skinny Sunday 05/23

Guess I'll start this week. 180.

I have to tweak my diet. Its like I've stalled. I'm going to add 200 more calories a day.

Either way I managed to beat my way down to 180.

Now I gotta bust on into the 70s this week.

I'm down to 237, lol. Not alot of improvement, but i'll take what i can get. On the plus side, I set new personal best records this week for 2 of my lifts, so i'm getting stronger if not smaller

really fucked something up this week

Thanks Steve. I'll update the sheet when I get to work.

we've lost almost 2 lbs on average :P That's with like 33% of you slackers actually weighing in...

maybe the rest of them are too busy losing weight to post? lol

I haven't posted on this in a bit, but I am at 196 today. I stand 6'2", and have lost about 4lbs since this started. It may not be too fast though, as I just started weight training again, so I may gain some muscle weight. I can, however, see the beginning of my abs again, and this is encouraging!!!

Hello everyone.

Not a bad week. I dipped a bit below the bar with my eating but my training was great.


Target - 222

Actual - 224

I started my wrestling class on Monday and I went again on Wednesday. Ow.. I was sore for a couple of days but the Tabata routine really helped with my cardio.

Between the BJJ and the wrestling I got 5 grappling sessions in, which is a great improvement over the last couple of weeks.

I also did two Bas routines and one tabata.

I actually took the whole weekend off because I was so sore.

My next addition to my training is some kind of stretching routine.

I didn't do the Scrapper stuff but I did get the workout all set and I dug up my origianl Scrapper tape set so I can follow along.

So Week five

-2 Bas workouts

-1 Scrapper workout one

-2 Tabata runs

-1 wrestling

-3 grappling rolls

-at least two stretching sessions

-target weight is 220. This may be a bit tough because I put a pound on this week.

Good luck to everyone.


Sorry for the delay. I fell off the wagon this week. I put on a pound to 219. My youngest was sick, so my sleep has been lacking. Never really worked out and ate like a fool. I have to step it up, it's starting to get nice out around here.

Sorry for the late update ... didn't gain any weight and still at 178# this Sunday. I'm 12# short of the 190# target.

got all of ya

I was 178 yesterday. I can lose weight easier then gain ;)


I hate you

My son and I had Judo practice for 3 hours last night, I missed a meal, didn't even run, and still lost 2# :-( It seems that if I don't stuff my face, I'll lose weight.

I have the same problem as vermonter ... down to 176#.

Therefore, I hate you too =_=