Favorite BWE for grappling?

What are your favorite bodyweight exercises for grappling? Have you found that some BWE variations are more effective than others (like 1/4 pushups versus regular pushups?). If it's some crazy homemade one, please give a description. Feel free to include ones that you might characterize more as drills (eg, shrimping).

Explosive burpees, w/ a pushup. hits almost all of the muscle groups in your body in one simple, beautiful movement.


I agree with Burppe's. I've been doing them for 2 weeks now.

I make my middle school wrestlers do push-ups, crunches, squat-thrusts, burpees, walking on hands, and 30-seconds spent jumping up and touching your knees to your shoulders (bounce, bounce, bounce, about 2-3 jumps per second).

Also do strings of the same move, e.g. 10 sit-outs one right after the other, 10 switches, 10 standups, etc.

Ive never found dips that great for striking myself. However burpees with a pushup seem to do wonders. After ive got to a decent number with regular burpee/push-ups i might try that warrior article type 8)