FCF presents MMA FIGHT NIGHT II Results

 Alot of fights on the card where scrached due to injury and one case of the herps, but for all the people who did not get to come here is a copy of the results of the 5 fights of the night.

 Harley Mcglohn Vs. Jason Bailey

Mcglohn wins Via RNC 1st Round

Wow glad I didnt pay to see that I would have been pissed sorry for everyone who did.

 Marcus Potter Vs. Heron Saucedo

Potter wins Split Decision (and there was a judge that scored the fight 30-27, not Bigge Shay or Zilla)

 Emil Hinkefent Vs. Zachary Vansteenbergh

Hinkefent Wins Via Traiangle Choke 1st Rd

 Chavous Smith Vs. Andrew Schumacher

Smith Wins Via TKO 2nd Rd

 Justin Brown Vs. Zack Kelly

Kelly Wins Via Guillotine Choke

 So, does this mean that Justin is no longer doing gay porn?


no you see Justin passed the case of the herps to someone then Kenny "filed" the correct papers to get Justin ok'ed for the fight.

Justin fought hard and had some great leg kicks the first round, he did pretty good for his first fight! Phone Post

Who's the official judge sitting to the right of Zilla? Phone Post

That is Tyler "Two hats" Johnson. He is an undefeated amateur boxer and currently in training the be the youngest golden gloves boxer in history. He thinks judging is "neat".

I met Zilla once and thought he was "neat" then I found out he was Garza's sex slave or so I was told by a few people on here.

Zilla2000 - That is Tyler "Two hats" Johnson. He is an undefeated amateur boxer and currently in training the be the youngest golden gloves boxer in history. He thinks judging is "neat".
The youngest Golden Gloves boxer in history? WTF! The minimum age to be a GG is 11. I am certain that there have already been 11 year old amateur boxers in the world. BJ Waggoner was one of them.

United States amateur boxing organizations:

Amateur boxing can be considered any amateur fight at a local boxing gym, but there are several tournaments that take place to determine amateur champions.

There are several different amateur sanctioning bodies in the United States, including the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) of the United States, the Golden Gloves Association of America, and USA Boxing.

The Golden Gloves is an amateur boxing tournament that is fought at both the national level and the regional level. Although the Golden Gloves typically refers to the National Golden Gloves, it can also refer to the Intercity Golden Gloves, the Chicago Golden Gloves, the New York Golden Gloves, and other regional Golden Gloves tournaments. The winners of the regional tournaments fight in a national competition annually.

USA Boxing also sanctions a national tournament to determine who will compete on the United States National boxing team at the Olympic Games.

I know that he has to be at least 18, to be sitting cageside, that is a OSAC rule and regulation that has to be adhered to for liability purposes. The states liability and the promotional groups liability. There have been several 16 year old GG champions in history, therefore, he needs to re-assess his goals or slap the hell out of Zilla for his post? ASSuming Zillas post was a typo?



 I am glad that they are promoting amateur shows, they could not make it by promoting pro shows, so why not try promoting fights with fighters that can only receive $50 per fight?

The tix were probably at least $20, they could have had 300 tickets purchased and since their fightcard was only $450 for 5 fights, not $500 since HollowPoint says that he is amateur and did not get paid? That is not a bad profit? $1300 for insurance and the profit from the beer sales, plus the sponsor money that they receive but do not report to the commission, that is a profitable night. 

However, if I would have paid for a ticket and was sold maybe 15 minutes worth of fighting, LaDonna's fineass would have to find a way to settle that debt, LOL! Not really, I respect LaDonna, but Kenny would have to swallow, I know that Justina would let him. I hear that Justina and Kenny "gay-off" with each other nightly.

In reality, I would just marry LaDonna's sister Liz and torment Kenny every holiday.


Any pics of the grappling Morg?

That is what I was told by a ticket purchaser. He was pissed because it was announced the night of the show that a few, about 6, fights were scrapped at the last minute by the commission? That is just what I was told. 

I could see maybe one or two, but 6? C'mon! And the promotion still sold the tix for the same price. No discount. Shady promoting. Be fair to the fans or you will lose them all.


thats fucked up...and dont justify it by saying there was grappling matches, people paid for mma not grappling.

Yeah I have the pics from that I will bring them to class. Phone Post

Yeah a lot of fights got scratched. Some due to injury, sickness, and I think one guy just changed his mind but not for sure or not.

They did have a grappling match and a tag team grappling match to try to fill the spots of the drop outs.

Not the first time we have seen local promotions do this. Hate to see that happen to paying fans but to be honest they seemed to enjoy it. Phone Post