Fedor: Dana still wants to sign me

Dana took the best and left the rest.


Fedor fought tougher opposition in Pride than the UFC had during his prime, then beat a few UFC champs after they left the UFC.


Never woulda beat Brock Cain JDS DC Mir. And today I mean c’mon it’s not even fair what Stipe Francis and Ciryl would do to him

You can’t argue with that guy about this. In another thread he said during the early and mid 2000’s that UFC was the NFL for fighters and PRIDE was like the AFL. He is just a newer fan that has no idea about what was what in 2000-2006 and for some reason hates Fedor and loves the Diaz bros.


You’re telling me Nate Diaz has a zero % chance of beating Charles Oliveria? Nate has better boxing and at worst is equal to him in BJJ. That’s a fact. Neither of them is submitting the other. But Nate is the better boxer by far.

He just doesn’t want to cut to 155 anymore but Nate could and would be champ at 155

The closest Nate Diaz ever got to being UFC Lightweight Champion was getting completely manhandled by Benson Henderson for 5 rounds.


You do realize Fedor beat multiple former and future UFC HW champions, right?

That proves you incorrect. B for effort, though. :wink:


Mir and JDS? Cmon man. Prime Fedor would be a major problem for all those guys.


Especially considering he beat Mir.

Prime vs Prime, Mir’s best chance is getting on top and getting a sub. On bottom, we saw in the second Lesnar fight what happens to Mir’s sub game when punches are being reigned down upon him.

As far as the stand up, Mir has good fundamentals. But he is slow and plodding, which goes right into Fedor’s strengths. Look what he did to Johnson at 45.

JDS would’ve been a good fight. And I’m a Mir fan but I don’t think any version of him beats Fedor.


And just some perspective for the ppl saying Johnson is a can and his wins are unimpressive:

Derrick Lewis is 4-3 in his last 7 fights and he’s ranked #3. I guess he’s terrible too lol.

Ivanov is ranked further back than Johnson even after this loss.

Latifi was a Middleweight, then a LHW, now a HW. He’s also 5’10.

Oleinik is 44 and one dimensional.

Blaydes is legit but also a mental case in half of his fights.

Oh and let’s not forget the current UFC champion (Ngannou) has a loss to Derrick.

Heavyweight hasn’t evolved all that much and the title usually changes hands rather often.


Fedor vs CM Punk


Fedor vs derric lewis


Everyone likes to talk about ‘primer Fedor.’

Let’s talk about the Fedor those guys would have fought. The same one who lost to Bigfoot, Werdum and Dan Henderson all in a row.

I don’t even dislike Fedor, you suck boys are just on some bullshit all the time I gotta knock you down a peg.

You go straight to ‘prime Fedor’ just to help your argument. Prime Fedor was in fake fights where his opponent was never planning on winning.

That immediately makes his run much less impressive because now we know what happens when the other fighter doesn’t take a dive: Fedor gets KO’d.


Frank Mir finished Big Nog twice in spectacular fashion. Fedor never finished him

JDS would KO him he was the far far better boxer


Big Nog was never the same after Fedor. Nice try though.


JDS would be battered and submitted. Look what Cain did to him.


Primer Fedor FTW!


Oh hey look everyone it’s the Immortal One with his new account!

Where you been?

OK so let’s recap:

  1. Goes back and edits all his posts to fix his fucks ups and hide his embarrassment.

  2. Uses his signature “living rent free” punchline.

  3. Gets owned in multiple threads by multiple ppl, then instead of responding he disappears for a few days only to return like nothing happened and avoids said threads like the plague.

  4. Says “I don’t hate Fedor” yet says most of his fights are fixed and spends his entire existence on the forum going into every thread with Fedor’s name on it to shit on his career.

Yep no denying it IO, you’re not fooling anybody.

Not gna bother acknowledging your ridiculous perspective; you’re so confused you are hiding behind an alternate account and doing a bad job pretending it’s not you.

It’s very obvious.

Don’t fall for it fellas, you could have a more constructive conversation with a wall than this turd burglar.

Time to disappear for a few days again IO!

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Cain would do the same to fedor :man_shrugging:t3: