Fedor grateful to God for 1st win in 2 years

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                                Fedor relects on 1st win in 2 years

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 I think you mean 'reflects' in the title. lol


EDIT: well its changed now



GOAT Phone Post

wow, now that I think about it. . . Werdum, Big Foot and Hendo are all probably Christians. Monson is an atheist. Maybe God really did help Fedor win this one.

Where was god in his previous 3 fights?

The Chronicle - Where was god in his previous 3 fights?

his 3 previous losses where against other Christians

so it had to come down to which flavor of Christianity does God prefer

Clearly God wanted the Catholics (Werdum and Silva) and the Protestant (Hendo) to beat the Eastern Orthodox fighter (Fedor). But when Eastern Orthodox fought Atheism (Monson), God clearly picked Eastern Orthodox.

also, Hendo vs Shogun proves that God prefers Protestants to Catholics, but by a very narrow margin

You know I was halfway expecting Fedor to lose to Monson...

Fedor, the myth

This fight was terrible.

And the announcer, who the hell is Munsun vs Fader?

Horn was good though.

Im happy to hear Fedor got a win. I didnt see the fight but it sounds like he learned something from his 3 losses and is perhaps a little more composed now. Im not gonna say his legacy is tainted right now. He was once the greatest and just isnt anymore. Say what you want about who he fought back then, they were all the BEST at the time.......

Truthfully id love to see him in the UFC, get some wins and then retire so no one can talk shit because if he gets wins in dream now and retires everyone will say he couldnt handle the best anymore......and ill be honest....Ill say it too. He ran out of the U.S. after those losses and every win he has over there just wont look the same. If he wants to keep fighting he needs to get in the UFC......If he doesnt want to fight anymore he should retire and I will still consider him one of the best, if not the best ever. But he owes it to himself to know that he continued to fight the best until the end.


He should be thanking his management for getting a fight against Monson. Whos gonna be next? Travis Fulton?

Catholic/Protestant > Eastern Orthodax > Athiest

now it makes sense, does anyone have results for any Catholic vs Protestant bouts?, just to help me determine my faith.

If it's God who taught him how to throw a straight punch, he deserves all the credit.

That was beautiful.

LMAO imagine seeing this title two years ago before the Werdum fight. You would have been harassed so badly for trolling it's not even funny.

If some arbitrary deity is arbitrarily deciding the outcome of fights, why even watch...?

his striking is light years ahead of monson and monson has trouble taking guys down with slow shots.. im very surprised fedor did not finish him.