"Fedor is undefeated!" - How angry is Koshaka?

I won't be bashing Fedor in this thread, he's my favourite athlete, so don't even think this is a shot at Fedor.

I watched that Russia Today interview and the interviewer called Fedor an "undefeated champion".

Fedor's record, although I wish it could be ignored, does have "1" in the loss column.

So how does Tsuyoshi Kohsaka feel whenever he hears this about Fedor? I wonder if he thinks he deserves a lot more credit than he gets...I probably would.

What's TK going to do about it?

Are you retarded or just busting balls?

Of course I've seen the fight and yes it didn't even get to the point it could be considered a "fight", but my question is, how do you think Kohsaka feels whenever people call Fedor undefeated?

TK knew it was a fraud after he was almost killed in the rematch..TK is fine by that for sure

I dont think even TK thinks he beat Fedor

He is undefeated as champion.

TK has budo and doesn't consider the fight a "victory." Never has. He's stated as such in several interviews.

 He (TK) may not consider it a victory, but it's still a loss on Fedor's record.

The loss should be removed from Fedor's record because it was a cut from an illegal blow, which in MMA is ruled a "no contest". Fedor was cut with an elbow in Rings where elbows aren't allowed but they needed someone to advance in the tournament so TK moved on. Counting this as a loss is like counting the the fight against Mino, where Fedor was cut with a headbutt, a loss. Fedor is undefeated. This erroneous loss needs to be removed from his record.

not angry enough for the second round

Everyone who knows MMA knows that Fedor is undefeated still

TK said an interview once that he didn't consider it a win, that's why he gave Fedor the rematch.


inf0 - Have you seen the 'fight'?? Obviously not.

The rematch tells the truest story.


TK, as honorable as he is, would probably agree that Fedor is undefeated.

TK said he doesn't consider it a win

FondledbyRainbowPants -  He (TK) may not consider it a victory, but it's still a loss on Fedor's record.

Who cares?

Nobody, that's who.

 Fedor hasn't lost any of his belts, meaning he is an UNDEFEATED CHAMPION...

Technically, Fedor is undefeated in MMA. The first match against TK, although it lasted 17 seconds, was not an MMA match. It was a "Rings Fighting Network" match ,contested under what were called KOK Rules.

KOK Rules had limited striking on the ground (No G&P to head), Rope escapes, and points for Knock Downs.

your right!

TK should call out fedor tomorrow for a fight!

TK made him bleed like a stuck pig, rd. 1 , 0:30 sec