Fence Grabbing Should = Penalty

One grab of the fence can change the entire outcome of a fight. Tonight at 0:57 of round 1, Liddell grabbed the fence to avoid getting taken down by Couture. Then, at 0:30 the cheating bitch did it again.

The first time, BJM told him "don't grab the fence, don't do it again" and then, less than 0:30 seconds later, the rascal does it AGAIN!!!!!!!

IMO, the first grab changed the entire fight. A minute is a mighty long time to have a fresh Randy Couture on top of you and there is no doubt Chuck would have received much punishment, enough to slow him a bit for sure.

I feel the same about the second grab. Randy would have only about half the time to pound him, but as we all saw in Liddell-Couture 1, it's enough time for Randy to do damage.

Now what I want to know is WTF is wrong with the UFC that they can't see what is happening with these fighters continually grabbing the fence when there is a rule against it. And enough with this verbal warning bullsh!t........cause it ain't working!

Starting with next months UFC 58, if a fighter grabs the fence for any reason, then he should be penalized.


Whenever a fighter grabs the fence, say "STOP" and stop the fight right then, put the fighters in the middle of the octagon with the grabber giving up position to the fighter who has obeyed all rules.

The fence grabber is on his back in the middle of the octagon with the other fighter on top. Then when the fighter on top is ready, the fight is restarted.

This will solve the problem, in that I bet we see no more cheatin ass, fence grabbin, sunna ma bitzes.

By giving up position in the middle of the octagon, they'll be no more grabbing the damn fence.

I tend to agree, though I thought it might have made more of a difference in an earlier fight tonight, forget which one now

Yup. It sucks. They should minus a point from the fighter. No warning,
nothing. It is against the rules. Period.
See: Sylvia vs. Silva

Screw the point deduction..............

Have the cheatin fighter give up position in the middle of the octagon. That'll eliminate the problem.

When Randy did get Chuck down he was up in no time, it didn't affect
the outcome.

But what position does the fighter commiting the error go to if you restart in the middle?

That's too hard to determine.

You really want to fix it, here's how. 1st time is a warning. 2nd time is a penalty point on the judges card and % of your paycheck. 3rd time is an additional penalty point and another % of your purse. 4th time is a DQ and more $$$ lost.

You start giving penalty points and taking money and it'll fix things FAST.

100% agree.

I was just going to post this as well.

It can easily change the outcome of a fight.

In Chuck's case, he does it often and it is ridiculous that the rule
is not enforced. There needs to be an automatic deduction the
first time it is done because just grabbing once can change the
fight. if it is done repetitively, they should just DQ the offending

Riggs also prevented a takedown against Diaz.

F_ck the plexiglass and all the other crap.

My solution won't cost them a dime. The ONLY thing the have to do is tell all the fighters that effective immediatley.........

"When a fighter grabs the fence for any reason, he'll give up postion"

Simple as that.

Give up position? What postion? For who? Guard? Side control? Left or
Right? Mount? What?
Would you want to give Nogiera (or any other groud fighting "finisher")
the bottom? Er..I guess any position is bad with him... (I know, I know,
he's not in the UFC....whatever...just an example)
All fighters are different and like different positions.
Just take the point.Then second time, another point and money.

Might as well throw in knockout and submission bonuses too!

Might as well get rid of the fence then it's the real problem, if it wasn't
there this thread wouldn't be here either.

"Give up position? What postion? For who? Guard? Side control? Left or Right? Mount? What????"

Mr. shinblade

Giving up position can mean only one of two things:

1)The fighter on his back (the clean fighter would not be allowed to mount him) And not side mount of any kind. Halfguard pretty much lies between the two and would workout really well IMO.

2)As we have seen in amateur wrestling.

Either penalty would solve the problem.

I'm STILL waiting for someone to tell me how the hell do you enforce rules without having penaltys for those who break them?

It is impossible.

It as easy and as simple as eating apple pie on Sunday afternoon.


Offense:You kick a downed fighter.

Penalty:You give up position.


Offense:You poke a fighter in the eye.

Penalty:You give up position.


Offense:You headbutt a fighter.

Penalty:You give up position.


Offense:You grab the fence.

Penalty:You give up position.



And still waiting.

and ttmft

I don't really see the humor of fans

getting fu_ked out of a legit fight.

Smokin'Guns is right about how this changed the Randy vs Lidell fight...I sincerly think the fight could have gone a different way...chuck grabbed the fence not ONCE BUT TWICE!!!!

I am getting sick and tired of the fence grabbing.

taking away % of winning is not enough. grabbing the fence can dictate the outcome of a fight. especially if it's done several times at key moments. winning the fight is an additional 100% of earnings. so if you know you'll lose on the ground, it's deffinatly worth 10% of your paycheck to not give up position. much better to make fence grabber take guard in center of the ring.

I agree totally with the topic. How many fight have there been just in the past year where a fighter attempts to either throw or take the other fight down & the fighter grabs the fence or ring ropes? There should be some sort of significant penalty to make sure fighters do not gain an advantage this way or "save" themselves.

It's a cowardly tactic, IMO!!