FFA goes 2-0 @ Valdosta, GA

www.freestylefighting.netCharles McCarthy and Peter Rivero both fought at the Valdosta, Georgia NHB event today. Both guys won their fights!Big congrats to Charles for winning his fight via standing rear-naked. I got a brief description over the phone, but it sounded like Charles connected some good strikes, forcing his opponent to sort of turn away - giving Charles the opportunity to lock in a rear naked from standing. When Charles released the hold, his opponent was out. Congrats Charles!Peter Rivero is one of our blue belts who made his NHB debut - winning a three round fight by unanimous decision. Peter gets really nervous in grappling matches :) I can only imagine what an obstacle this fight was for him to overcome - and I'm very proud that he accomplished what he set out for. Also, a special thanks to One Dragon Martial Arts for helping Peter get ready for this fight.As soon as I get any video or pics, I'll post it up.


ttt to Charles and Peter!!!!

I was there. It was a great preformace from both of them.


Awesome Job guys. Way to go C-MAC!!!

But you promised me a KO. =(


I want him to KO someone. =)

Not trying to start anything here ... but, wasn't McCarthy TKOed by David Bjelkheden last week in the AFC event?

it was a pretty damn good show. Props to Richard and John who did the night show and James Corbett who did hte day tournament, which featured some talented grapplers and point strikers. What a fucking day! :D

Congrats Charles!!!!!!! Take care and train hard!!!

good job charles...sounds like you won with some cool shit standing up choke...i love it man...congrats any have full results from the card? how did the afa guys do?

ttt James Thorpe

Congratulations on the wins, Marcos.

You are correct, sub wrestler. Charles McCarthy would have been placed on a 30-day medical suspension by the Florida State Athletic Commission stemming from his TKO loss at AFC 7 on February 27, 2004. I'm not sure of the ramifications at this time, but in my work with Florida, it is safe to say McCarthy will not be fighting in, at least, Florida for the remainder of 2004.

I'm really surprised the ISCF (the sanctioning body) and James Corbett (the promoter?) allowed a suspended fighter to participate in this event. Fighter safety is one reason we need uniformity and legislation.

TTT great work guy's. Marcos I need to talk with you nabout seminair. Also if that invitation to come down there to train is still open;n I fight in May.

Charles didnt lose by tko, i think it was a tapout due to strikes..i might be wrong but i think fighters only get suspended when they are ko'd or maybe when the ref stops it...so him fighting shouldnt be a problem

Officially, crutialfoe, McCarthy lost by Referee Stoppage due to strikes at 3:33 of Round 1, a TKO in Florida (New Jersey, Nevada, etc), which receives a 30-day medical suspension.

Congrats to Peter and Charles.

Pete is a cool guy who I have had the opportunity to roll with several times at One Dragon.

I don't know Charles really, but the fact that he did the NHB event last Friday then I watched him compete the next day and do pretty damn well in several grappling matches says a lot about his heart...
regardless of whether he tapped, didn't tap or should have been suspended.

Thanks Leo and everyone else!

In the last AFC, Charles did tap from his fours. He wasn't mentally ready for that fight and tapped prematurely. He was fine - which is shown by his second place finish the following day at ADCC and his performance Saturday.

I don't understand why it was ruled a "ref stoppage". If that is the case, then anyone who gets submitted with an armbar or choke should get a 30 day suspension due to "ref stoppage".

Congrats Charles and Peter!

ChristianSoldier, no problem! Shoot me an email at marcosFFA@bellsouth.net

You looked pretty intense Sat night Charles, congrats! It was good to see you back in the winning ways. See ya soon.

Cunliffe, where is the love? This is not the first time you have attacked ISCF. If you truly had the best interests of the sport on your mind, you might have tried to warn someone in advance, rather than cast stones in the aftermath. As it turns out, your information was incorrect (again), as Mr. Avellan points out. No where did I observe you questioning why McCarthy was able to fight in the ADCC qualifier the very next day. day ...Obviously, his 2nd place finish would substantiate the fact that he was not seriously injured. It is people like you who are bad for the sport, Cunliffe. Anyone can make a mistake or overlook something. You were ready to pounce at the first clink in the armor. Too bad you were wrong. We at the ISCF do our best to run a tight ship and will continue to do so. Peace. Out.

"No where did I observe you questioning why McCarthy was able to fight in the ADCC qualifier the very next day. day ...Obviously, his 2nd place finish would substantiate the fact that he was not seriously injured"

I'm not trying to get involved or anything, but really ADCC has nothing to do with mma at all in terms of this discussion. Guys have been KO'd in boxing and then won boxing matches the next week. Didn't mean they weren't damaged from the ko though.

Charles looked fine, and it was a short fight last night, and if he tapped then I don't guess it was a TKO in the other fight. I don't really know anything about that

Congratulations to FFA!!!!