Fight! mag New Year's issue contest

Contest over, for winners please see winner's thread

 I have the honor of having the last word in the new year edition of Fight! magazine. If you like the piece. let me know. If you think it sucked, Chris wrote it, and I just put my name on it. So send him something mean.

I have a Fight! magazine contest.

I grew up both in the US and overseas, mostly Africa. There is a widely held tradition across the continent of praise songs. For one notorious example, the Life President of then Zaire Mobutu Sese Seko was hailed as "The cock who leaves no chicken untouched. The all powerful warrior who, because of his endurance and inflexible will to win, will go from conquest to conquest, leaving fire in his wake."

Closer to home, Hobbes insisted Calvin recite the Tiger Song:

Tigers are mean

Tigers are fierce

Tigers have teeth

And claws that pierce.

Tigers are great

They can't be beat

If I was a tiger

That would be neat!

Tigers are nimble

And light on their toes

My Respect for tigers

Continually grows.

Tigers are perfect

The e-pit-o-me

Of good looks and grace

And quiet dignity!

Tigers are great

They're the toast of town

Life's always better

When a tiger's around! 

In this tradition, I am asking for Praise Songs about Fight! magazine. The six best Praise Songs will be awarded one year blue names. Winner gets a free one year subscrition  Given the post New Years Eve hangovers here, creativity is likely not at the highest level ever, so you may win with something like

Hickory, dickory, dock,

Fight! doesn't suck

The clock struck one,

The mouse ran a word rhyming with one,

Hickory, dickory, dock

Fight! rules.

The end


Oh, FIght!, what you've done to me

You make me feel so good inside

And I just want to be reading you 

Fight! magazine makes me feel so alive

Cause Fight! makes me feel, Fight! makes me feel, Fight! makes me feel like

A natural woman 

 Fight! makes me feel...

Fight! makes me feel...

Fight! makes me feel like a natur-al womannnn!


We’re gonna jump down turn around pick a bale of fight magazine,jump down turn around pick a bale a day.Jump down turn around pick a bale of fight magazine,jump down turn around pick a bale a day.Well, me and my papy gonna pick a bale of fight magazine,me and my papy gonna pick a bale a day.Me and my papy gonna pick a bale of fight magazine,me and my papy gonna pick a bale a day.Hey, Lordie pick a bale of fight magazine,hey, Lordie pick a bale a day.Hey, Lordie pick a bale of fight magazine,hey, Lordie pick a bale a day.A little bit of speed.We’re gonna pick, pick, pick, pick,pick a bale of fight magazine,pick, pick, pick, pick, pick a bale a day.Pick, pick, pick, pick,pick a bale of fight magazine,pick, pick, pick, pick, pick a bale a day.

What do we read when we can't sleep at night, It has to be my copy of FIGHT ,cause the others are SHITE.I've grappled with one I've grappled with all , giving 100% to get my technique right, where do I turn to when there's no body around , yeah that's right my copy of FIGHT,I strike on the bag ,i spar with my might just hoping to get my copy of FIGHT Phone Post

Fight is so clever
So wonderfully right
It's what I read when it's late at night

The knowledge , the know how
Its all that we want
It's perfect down to the font

The skills the knowledge
Are easily shared
It's good to know
From people who care

Get your copy of fight
Cause the others are shite!!! Phone Post

Fight! It's in all our nature,
Fight! With technique over anger,
Fight! Master your fears as training commandeers,
tame your ignorance, with wise confidence.

Fight! The foolishness with facts,
Fight! even in guard and on your back,
Fight! Brings vital information,
from certified teachers with extensive education.

Fight! When to stand or when to run,
Fight! With your mind and body, not a gun.
Fight! A wise man helps those in pain,
to see that it's fine to try and lose and than to have never tried to gain.

Fight! Galaxies collide, without any selfish pride,
Fight! Violence sustains some of nature's needed life,
Fight! But humankind thrives best on love,
tolerance and patience of his own kind.

We don't have to battle our fellows,
life is supposed to be fun and games,
It's what's between our head and in our heart
that leads the student towards mastership and fame.

~ Master Tang

I'm not impressed with your poem formance =)


I think of the cage as I walk through the door

I remember my camp as the crowd let's a roar

I think of my win and my gloves start to soar

But what the hells happened I've just hit the floor

The FIGHT of my life ends in round 4 Phone Post

This sucks and there isn't alot of rhyme to parts but here is my entry.

FIGHT! FIGHT! What a sight!
Baroni got mugged
Grispi lost his shot
Stephens gave Davis the long kiss GOODNIGHT!

Guida sunk a choke, his submissions aren't a joke
Diaz is still a bitch but he didn't need work from that cutman Stitch
Vera got beatdown, slapped around, punched in the ass and had his face rearranged
Thiago Silva is a bad motherfucker and quite deranged
Lebens got a chin but it wasn't enough to win
Stann is the man, the All-American hero
Edgar / Maynard 2 was a hell of a FIGHT!
Wouldn't you know it won FIGHT! of the night
Could we see Edgar / Maynard 3, Anthony Pettis says "what about me?"

Blood on his gi,

fire in his eyes

Fight! magazine follows

the warriors rise.

Up in the morning

bruised and battered

another day at the gym

as if nothing else mattered.

The struggle to conquer

enemies within and without

Fight! magazine is there

a companion, so stout.

From the UFC

to the UG Grand Prix

They watch us all

struggle to be

The best that we can

at what we choose to do

some Fight! and some write

some do both too.

For the fighters and fans

the trainers and gear makers

promoters and agents

sub artists and face breakers.

They'll put down their thoughts

get your name on new lips

spread MMA word like it's gospel

spreading techniques and tips.

Don't doubt their passion

It's as strong as any

their work read by thousands

appreciated by many.

To Fight! magazine

I give you your due

to all of the fighters

back to training with you.

IRISH ARE INFERIOR TO GREEKS - where in africa kirik?

 Shigunu, Ibadan, and Kainji in Nigeria

Maseru, Lesotho

Gaborone, Botswana

Khartoum, Sudan

His name is called

time to walk out

music blasting

he begins his route.

Through the gauntlet

fans screaming and pawing

heart racing, determined

fear and doubt gnawing.

Closer to the cage

feet moving on

stops at cageside

vibing to his song.

Media seats nearby

a familiar face is there

Fight! magazine writer

watching with care.

He's here for the fighters

and for all of the fans

pen at the ready

steady in the hands.

As afraid as the fighter

he's a competitor to

his writings his fight

he's fighting for you.

 Hey Kirik, since you are on this thread and I can't get an email response.....can I get my light green name for my ammy fight in the UGGP?


 Also, what is the deadline?  When does the contest end?  When will results be announced?

hey kirik im gonna bug you know too....everytime i enter my fight record url i get told its invalid,,why is this? thanks :)

Sung in a country western style. you can tap your toe if you like...1,2,1,2,1,2...

Fight! Magazine it's The best around,
You can always tell when ole Fight!'s in town
All the boys stand around with a smile on their face
And the girls can't keep their eyes in one place.

You got Dana White and he aint no joke
And Joe Rogan Is there to call an eye poke
We all know that tha OG is gay
But they're welcome to read the magazine anyway.

If you wanna find out who's comein up
Or you need to know where to buy a new cup
Fight!'s got what you're lookin for.
It'll keep you comin back for more.

Get diet tips and jiu jitsu tricks or just look at all the pretty pics.

Fight! Magazine it can't be beat
Any way you slice it's Fucking Sweet! Phone Post

Damn not being able to format mobile post! Phone Post

 Come on guys, if I can come up with two shitty poems you can come up with one.

You are being offered over 50 dollars worth of services and merchandise for a few minutes of your time.

I know not everyone can write poetry but many of you can.

Let's get this ball rolling.

DreamerMMA -  Also, what is the deadline?  When does the contest end?  When will results be announced?

Hey the man said he is hungover, let him recover!