Fight of the year so far?

I still dont think anything can touch Diaz/Gomi so far

Edgar/Griffin IMO.

u obviously didn't watch griffin vs edgar then




griffin/edgar was great too, that would be 2nd on my list



the uchi-mata to face kick in Huerta/Garcia is the coolest shit I've seen all year.

All the one's GNP4Life said. Although I would throw in Chris Horodecki vs. Bart Palaszewski in there also. That was a great fight.

i would pick huerta/garcia though because i was at that event. They got 3 standing ovations!

Huerta/Garcia, Edgar/Griffin and Diaz/Gomi are all contenders so far.

All good candidates, but if I had to pick just one I'd go with Griffin/Edgar. And Garcia will be fighting on the TUF 5 finale.

"Franklin/Okami." - CRE

Choosing a fight before it actually happens shows that you're just a Franklin fanboy.



Diaz/Gomi was great, but was marred by Gomi's odd performance, the fact that Gomi pretty much stopped doing anything at all a few minutes in, and the No Contest. And aside from the gogoplata, it was kind of a sloppy fight all around.

Edgar/Griffin was very high pace start to finish, and crisp and technical from both guys (well, Griffin swung for the fences a few times, but still...). We saw slick wrestling/grappling, nice standup, and good cardio from both guys. Plus the near-finish by kneebar.

Bartimus/Horedeci (IFL)

Diaz/Gomi (Pride)

Griffen/Edgar (UFC)

Markham/Healy (IFL)

Huerta/Garcia (UFC)


I'll second for the Horodecki / Palazewski fight. Man they really threw down. I was there in person and the crowd was electric

I hear that the Horodecki / Lierley fight was even better than that... I guess we will find out in a month.

Edgar / Griffin would come a close second

Diaz / Gomi would have won but all that drug crap and the fact that Gomi crapped out dropped it off the map.

Takimoto vs. Gaelsic

Dong vs. Manhoef

Diaz vs. Gomi

Hendo vs Vanderlei