Fighters food from Nutrabolics

 Is it worth the money? $31.99 for 15 servings seems really high to me. I want to try it but dont want to just throw away my money if it isnt a great product.

Accept no compromises! FIGHTER’S FOOD is the most advanced meal augmentation product ever conceived. It’s not a meal replacement – it’s the supercharged super food of the future!/o:p

 lol i saw that on their site....Im looking for people who have actually tried it.

From the ingredient list looks like it's a scoop of whey protein blend and a scoop of a greens powder.

Fighter's Food - $31.99 for 7.5 servings = $4.75 per recommended serving (2 scoops = 1 serving). A months supply at 1 serving a day would be $127.96

Decent Whey blend + decent "Greens" type product - $50.00 for 30 servings = $1.83 per recommended serving (1 scoop = 1 serving). A months supply at 1 serving a day would be $54.90

Even using a high priced greens food like Biotest's SUPERFOOD $42 for 28 servings comes out to $2.23 per serving. A months supply at 1 serving a day would be $66.90

but who knows maybe there's some kind of synergistic effect with this product or some secret ingredients like ELECTROLYTES so that in addtition to kicking peoples asses all day long you'll be able to WIN at things you're not even suposed to WIN YELLING...that's right FIGHTERS FOOD will make you WIN...AT...YELLING!



 VTFU! good stuff thanks

I have went through 2 canisters of it and I love this stuff. The Acai Berry tastes good and it goes down very easily mixed with clumps....perfect for when you are dead and sweating like a mofo from sparring or doing padwork.... and this is one of the few products that ACTUALLY HELPS YOU RECOVER BECAUSE ITS NOT ALL PROTEIN. It has the high carb to protein ratio that you need to recover. I use it during resistance training as well, I take a sip then take a sip of water to get some nutrients in me...alot of studies say that adding a high carb protein drink during and after can boost recovery, strength and all that good shit..I really like this product....keep it in the fridge after you open me its worth it

 Cool, i really wish it was a little more cost friendly though. Do you use it as a meal replacement?

 I want some Brawndo NOW!

I just take it during and post training

So, basically, it's a Vitamin Water and a chicken breast?

 It's good stuff, I use it off and on.

It's just a meal replacement powder/snack, reasonably priced IMO. If the cost is a huge concern to you, then just by plain whey powder and consume it with your own foods.

Just don't buy it expecting IT to make you a better fighter than another brand of MRP.