Fighters u hate

there are many fighters that people are impartial about and u could grow to like but are their any that u just HATE!!!! ill start Wes Sims

Silva, Yvel, Nogueira, (Both of them)CroCop (the Croatian Crybaby) Sak, Sudo , Penn , Shamrock, Din ,Rizzo, The Gracie`s, Kyle,Herring,Arona, A.Silva, Rua, Shogun, Vitor and Cabbage.

Thats just a few off the top of my head.

fuck me! any reasons for hating all the top fighters?

no hes not hes a chump, no skills and did a little fairy kick on the cage when he cheated against mir

it was like oooh yeah i wanna show how mad and "cRaZy" i am, but i dont wanna hurt me knee

Willie - thats alot of hatred. You will fit in quite well here on the UG.

nah dudes a chump much prefer respectful fighters. Ive never seen him do anything good and he acts likie a jackass! he has also never beat anyone credible, he has lost every time in the ufc so why does he keep on coming back? Any more for anymore

Tony Fryklund

simms and baroni.....there was something about matt serra that i never could like....maybe its the nyc cockyness...not sayin all nyc folks are cocky but those two come off like they thought they were straight outta deuces wild or some shit

Princealbert, that is a little harsh. Tony is a really nice guy

hmmm, hate is such a strong word.......  let me think..........


I have met Tony a few times and spent alot of time with him and his crew in montreal. The guy was cool as hell...very friendly and funny!

The onlt fighter that I really dislike is KIMO...inside and outside the ring I simply can not stand his type of person.

I can't even begin to count the fighters Ive met and dealt with and I can tell you that this sport is FULL of class acts like no other sport I have been involved in.


I can't even begin to count the fighters Ive met and dealt with and I can tell you that this sport is FULL of class acts like no other sport I have been involved in.- Pete I could not agree more.

I don't like Tim Sylvia.

For some reason, I never, ever liked BJ Penn. He's got amazing skills and he's usually exciting, but something about him just rubs me the wrong way.

Frank Trigg. He has a piss poor attitude and he talks mad shit about his apponents, even ones who beat him (Sakurai).

Mike Kyle. Obvious reasons.

Bobby Hoffman. No real skills. Just a big and mean guy. Plus he seems dumb as a post and he's a wife beater.

Matt Lindland. I will never forgive him for denying he tapped against Travis Fulton early in his career. He clearly tapped to an armbar in the first 30 second, denied it, and got the fight restarted, eventually winning a decision. Don't even get me started on the Bustamante fight.

Yvel, Peeters, Rooze, Shrijber, and any other Dutch fighters who love to foul their opponents like it's going out of style. What is it about Holland that produces so many dirty ass fighters?

Dan Henderson. I used to call him "Decision Dan." I guess it really isn't his fault that he won so many BS decisions (Newton, Babalu, Nogueira, Ninja), but I've seen his hand raised so many times that I didn't feel he deserved it, and I grew to hate him for it.

Others worth mentioning:

Ryan Gracie, Ricco Rodriguez, Tito Ortiz, the Inoue's, Bob Sapp.

leigh im suprised an intelligent guy like u likes simms

liddell, tim sylvia, crocop, goodridge, sapp, din thomas, franca, gan mcgee, ralph gracie, ryan gracie, vernon white

Lindland - lying,boring biter

Ricco Rodriguez - lazy, boring

Ricardo Arona - takes no chances or risks

Tank - doesnt deserve a ufc shot

Tito - whiny, ducked Chuck,

Baroni..this fucker must die slowly.

i dunno man, he seems like a big goof and he doesnt seem to have a good skills, i thought englishmen wouldnt like the dumbass and i imagined after hearing ur other informed intelligent contributions you would prefer a classy skilful fighter?