Fighters u hate

but hey u like who u like i suppose

I got to visit with Wes Sims at UFC 45. I found him
to be one of the nicest people around. I think
sometimes we see the persona a fighter portrays to
hype a fight and/or get the crowd going, see them
react to a highly charged, emotional event and think
that is who they really are in real life.

In any event, Wes was very cool to me and everyone
else that I saw him interact with and was not at all
like people describe him here, quite often.



yeah thats a point i dont know the guy he may be cool, but from what i see, as a fighter not a person i dont like him

MMA athletes all seem to be really top guys personality wise

arona. lay and pray. yet he knows submissions!

plus TonyDanza how can u not like franca! i can see the angles (not that i dont like em) on the others in ur list

OK, why would I say that about Tony? After a UFC he stared down some
of my boys and asked them if they had a problem at a party for no
apparent reason. At UFC 37.5 I was talking to Jens and had no clue
about his situation with the UFC and was asking when I could see him
fight again etc. Then I go back to my seat and my buddy goes up to
Jens and apparently asks him the same questions (not knowing I just
did). When Jens went back over to sit next to Tony he must have said
something because now Tony is giving us the staredown and when he
walked by us he slowed down and gave us the staredown again.

I have heard these stories again and again. I could go on and on about
rumors but my interactions with him have always been negative. I have
met and talked to almost every fighter there is and he is the only one I

Goodridge, Simms, Randleman, Baroni, Henderson, Yoshida, Kimo

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of now

Wes Simms is cool and a nice guy, he needs some work but has a huge

oh yeah, that finger to Mir was funny as hell.

Phil Baroni, Tank, and Lee Murry.

That idiot that Matt hughes fought for the title before he fought Penn.Forgot his name that shows alot.

Murray, Lindland, Mir, Arona isn't too bad if he decided to try something every now and then, Japanese or any Pro wrestlers including Saku and Takada esp. I respect all of these men for what they do as pro fighters but I just am not a fan of them.

I shouldn't have read this thread damn curiousity...

ok after the tarver jones fight expect roy jones name to be in here by the ug haters

Couture, Lidell, Bustamente, Newton... Uno, Sudo, Mother Theresa... Hermes Franca, Sakuraba, Lytle... Uh, Jesus...

Guys I wouldn't be in a video game:

Tim Sylvia
Frank Mir
Ricco Rod
Pat Miletich

Guy's I would play:

Genki Sudo

the finger was quite funny, lil disrespectful. sexz why do u wish u hadnt read this thread? arona seems like such a talent but he never seems to actually try to pull a submission!? whats up with that


Soo much hate. It's really sad. Okay here are mine.

Baroni- Wishes he was Tank Abbott, but he isn't even THAT good! Look at the comparisons! fought some good fighters off guard early in his carreer and got some notable wins. Can't win now to save his life. Talks unending smack. At least Tank is funny.

Ricco- "suave" Need I say more? Okay I will! The freaking girdle makes me puke. Be PROUD of your gut Ricco! Own it! It is your property. You made it, stop tucking it under your belt. It makes you look like you have fat hips instead of a gut. DROP the Suave crap. That is SO gay. People should be making an effort to DISASSOCIATE them selves from Ricky MArtin, not the other way around. Ricco is why I LIKE Tim Sylvia.

Lawler- SO much hype that even he bought into it. Dude, you are NOT that good. Chris Lytle broke you, and Nick Diaz finished you. I can't believe that the two good punches that he threw in the Lytle fight won it for him, but I am not a judge, so whatever.

I guess people can see the trend. If a fighter knows he is good and talks with his performance in the ring, I am fine with that. If you to all your fighting with your mouth outside the ring, and can't back it up, you make my list. I know I know. I am sure that this crushes thier spirit and they are weeping in their pillow about hearing this. The question was asked and I answered.

BTW, I don't know if my answers really apply, because I can't say that they will ALWAYS be hated by me. They have every oppourtunity to turn it around. Others have! I was wrong about Randleman. And it's not because of him beating Crocop. It's because he handled it with class. The more I see of him, the classier I think he is. I think when he is humble, he fights better.