fighting with contacts

contact lenses: i know that people do it but is it typically allowed in amateur shows? i've always wanted to but i have extremely bad eyesight -14's and can't even piss at night without them.

just wondering how it works in diff places.

i have competed in grap tourney's and may do a no experience golden glove tourney only cause its so unregulated.

ttt for the blind

no one with insight?

I am damn near legally blind; I compete with contacts.

thanks for responding.

aren't you supposed to take physicals prior to a fight to prove that you aren't physically impaired in anyway.

i've trained to the point where i'm sure i can do well at the amateur level and want to test myself. i don't want to make it a career by any means as i do well in real estate. my work does provide me with the opportunity and flexibility to train long hours and very often.

i will try to start fighting if i can get away with using my contacts in the ring. i don't care if one pops out in the middle of a fight. i just want the opportunity to do it.

I train and fight with contacts and rarely have a problem

thanks guys its what i need to hear.

One of my guys with contacts has fought twice in USKBA amateur MMA fights. First one in Jersey they never even checked his eyes. Second one at the Mohegan Sun they told him he could not fight with contacts in at first but then changed their minds. Both times there were no issues with them at all during the fight.


well i spar enough full contact to not be afraid of being hit on the eye. i've just been around to much hearsay about not being allowed. even from the trainer. i'm gonna look into it further here in houston.

I've always fought with contacts in, minus one fight, where I got cut from a knee. I didn't wear them that night. (dumb move)

Sometimes I have issues, other times I don't.

I like to see everything clearly defined though so I wear them whenever I spar/fight.


i know some people get away with it. but didn't know how the apparatus to getting approved worked. i am pretty stoked though. now i just gotta drop weight and get within the cut-to-155 range.

transcendente, this is not an answer to your ? but being that nearsighted make sure you have a good ophthalmologist to dilate you fairly frequently.

Your nearsightedness + trauma to the orbits puts you at a higher risk for retinal detachment.

no one with insight?

now thats just funny-MM


i've done some submission grappling in a ring at a local show, i choose not to where my contacts so i can see who i'm grappling, but i can't see the crowed...helps me with my nerves.

regiondoc. i've spoken to my eye doctor and he doesn't think that would be a problem for my eyes. he actually wants me to fight. living though his patient kinda thing. his only concern was my losing a contact cause i would really be fighting blind. how does dilating help though?

MM glad you caught it.

you want to be careful w the dialation theory. some of tose drugs can cause profound bradycardia and many people have odd reactions to that shit. you have enough to deal with at a fight without your body betraying you like that.

GOAT (or anyone else that fights regularly w/contacts)- Are you allowed to have a back up set of contacts in your corner? i can't imagine stopping a fight so you can "look for your contact" (but damn that would be funny), or are you allowed to replace if one goes MIA, or do you just cover up & gut it out?-MM

"If you don't tell them they won't ask."

its more what i meant. i just joined a boxing gym because i realized that i needed better handwork. after doing it i respect boxing more than i ever gave it credit for. i really like it and want to test myself doing that too.

MM- i figure you can't do it during rounds for obvious reasons but I don't see why they can't have one at your corner in between rounds. but then again what the hell do I know.