Finally Turned Off Weather Machine...

..cause this weather's fukkin GREAT!

Reminds me of summers in the Northwest.

 my god the coldness!

seriously unreal!

thank goodness

now if only we could get that machine to make it snow up here in the koolau.

 we think its cold here, how do you think Teh Freitas feels!

would be nuthin but black and dbl black imo :)







i know its been pretty f'n cold the past couple days, gotta go digging in the boxes and bust out the jeans

Caught some of the west side wrap in town this morning. 6am @ Rockpiles with nothing but my boardshorts. freezing balls. wasnt even smart enuf to bring a rashguard.

parking lot was colder than the water.

This reminds me of a few years ago when my husband and I crashed at Wutang's apartment in LA. It was freezing and I was too cheap to turn on his heater (trying to save the guy money). He had gi's hanging up everywhere. My husband suggested we put them on to sleep to keep warm. I need one of those gi's now.

 " I was too cheap to turn on his heater (trying to save the guy money)."

*I thought Wutang was one of those SoCal super rich dudes.

Doesn't he drive a Farrari and live in Hollywood?

He has me fooled!

lol! wutang is a chinese name last i checked. good lord

 Chinese = rich buisiness man.

goddamn Sub, turn the fukin heat back on!

I'm sitting here and put on my gi top that was drying on th chair

I fukin dread taking a shower cause the peppermint Dr Bonners soap makes my balls freeze when I get out of the shower!


burns more books to keep warm

TiTTy for Secret Lurker ;)

Ahhh, now I know why you thought I saw this thread! Yay for Northwest summers.....

....and owning you at air hockey! LOL