First Five Minutes of Gina Carano Film Haywire

Ill go see it.

January is usually the month of crap movies, thats not my opinion but the month is branded as hollywoods dumping ground

Her voice sounded weird during some lines.

 The whole fucking movie is a dubbed over voice? what the fuck? ha

I knew her voice sounded different.I thought I was the only one who thought that.

What the fuck are you people talking about that shit was awesome!!

at least we get to see the famous "lip bite" at 2:40

Action scene wasnt half bad, looked a lot better then most movie fight scenes. 

 Will watch cuz she's in it, but Why the voice over??

Will the voice actress get a credit?

Gordo1581 - Will the voice actress get a credit?

did Mr. James Earl Jones get a credit for Darth Vader?

 Not bad, I don't like what they did with her voice.  They should have left it alone.

 You guys are such fucking haters.  Go back to the basement and jerk off to her pics instead of watching the movie or stfu and go watch it and give her props for making some fucking coin (more than almost all of you) and doing something every fukn one of you wishes they could do.

I have never been so pleased to see Channing Tatum.

1. Not that bad. BUT...

2. She overacted EVERYTHING. Nothing was subtle about her movements, breathing etc. She had about 6 HUGE sighs before the fight scene started.

3. Music was terrible. Probably coulda looked good with NO music at all. I like when they don't accompany movies with unneeded soundtracks. Especially, when it's bad music.

4. The voice over is bad, but not because it doesn't sound like Gina. Hell, I have NO idea what she sounds like. It's terrible because you can hear it's being shot from a sound booth. The background (airy sound) changes every time she interacts because the "live" element of the two people sitting at the same table and talking in the same room into the same mic is not there anymore. The dude speaks in that coffee shop and the voice over chick is in a soundproof room somewhere directly in front of a mic. It's unnatural sounding whenever she talks because it's DEAD behind her voice. 

5. The lip sync is decent but damn near impossible to be perfect cuz the voice actress can't do the entire movie perfect with same cadence and minor lip intricacies.  So, it's off often.

Fight scene was good though. 

 looks pretty good.

i probably wouldnt have noticed the voice dub, but now that i  know, its in my head everytime i see her speak. ahhhhhhh

UGCTT_Aussie - 
William Colosimo -
Gordo1581 - Will the voice actress get a credit?

did Mr. James Earl Jones get a credit for Darth Vader?

idk, good question
Did the guy who was actually in the suit even get a credit? Phone Post

nyhcloyalty - Are they fucking kidding me with the over dubbing of her voice? She seems pretty comfortalbe in her skin out there and the fight scene was pretty bad ass. But in all honesty, it doesn't sound anything like her. What would they need to do that for? It honestly looks like she's lip synching at points.

Either way I will see it, but man, they should have left well enough alone.

Couldnt have said it better. The dubbing I really bad. And sounds nothing like her Phone Post

What did people expect?

She's not a serious actress. Fans need to cut her some slack. The director brought in serious actors to carry the movie for her and she there for the action . It is what it is.

Did anyone really expect her to be good after 1-2 months of acting training? I think she's doing ok for the amount of training and experience she has. Is she good yet? No, but she's there for her martial arts background and look more than anything else.