first round was 30-27 if ive ever seen one.

i mean if i was a judge.

If you were a judge you probably would manage to score an entire three round fight in one round.

30 points in one round lmao what an idiot

10-7 is what you mean

has there ever been one?

I feel bad for you :-(


Damn, only a 10er.

This is why it's laughable when people call robberies lmao.


 LMAO must have been a hell of a round!!

You must work for the NSAC.

10-7 for sure but Frankie's won every other round, imo. 47-45 for Edgar. Phone Post

LMFAO I thought this was the first 11er topic


obvious troll is a 10 point must expert

Correction. I meant 47-46 for Edgar. Phone Post

 10'ers gonna 11...

ok now this is funny.

Teners still tening.

bar weighs nothing