First UFC Gym (pics) 


Looks awesome 

cheesy but looks awesome

is the room with bwood floors for yogalates?

Dammit, meant wood floors

So people are going to be able to trane UFC for reals

It does look awesome. But it also looks way too corporate. I guess that's the demographic, though, upscale types probably.

How much did all that crap cost? How much are gym memberships? I'm guessing it doesn't last.

 Very nice.


I think that one sign should say "Kids' Gym" unless it belongs to Kid Yamamoto.

So what are the times for Dana's boxercise class?


 I think it kicks ass i wish one was closer to me. And Oh the romoshop material with Chucks face while doing the leg press.

Only $300 per month. I'll take two memberships just in case I need to take a buddy.

 That gym is INSANE!!!

 Looks like a pretty smart move by the UFC. and I'm all in favor of anything that gets people up off their lazy asses, even if it is "trane-ing UFC"

Not impressed.

DW practicing to be a ring girl?


But as they say, a gym is only as good as your instructors and sparring partners.

I'd be interested to see who they have there.