Fit For Life / Combining Diet

Does anyone have experience with the Fit for Life Diet advocated by Harvey Diamond? If so, do you find that it works or no?

I lost a shit load of weight using the fit for life diet, but I also lost a shit load of muscle and found my energy levels where down. But I don't think I was eating enough fruit in the morning.

I don't use it strictly anymore because of the energy issue, but some of it's concepts I try to use.


I used to be really into that book but found that I felt too hungry to eat the way they suggest, although I have never been a big eater.

I would like to hear howardo's and other guys with good nutrition knowledge opinion on the carbs and protein thing.....the book says your digestive system uses an acid base to digest protein and an alkaline base to digest carbs, so eating them together causes digestive turmoil. WTF?

I think a lot of the reasons for weight loss have a simpler explanation than what is offered in the book.
Eating only fruit until midday is low calorie. Not eating carb and protein together cuts out calories automatically, as you will be eating low carb some meals and low protein/fat others.

Cutting out dairy is cutting out a lot of calories, but I'm not sure they are quite the evil the book makes them out to be.

To me, Fit for Life is a system of eating taken to the extreme. It has some interesting ideas but is not a nutrition bible, which at times the authors seem to want to make it.