Floyd Mayweather is unbelievable

This dude Bruseles is game but Floyd's speed is just absurd.

Could be, but B-level MMA'r mouths of to Floyd in public, quick combo by Floyd and before he knew what hit him, B-level MMa'r lying on the ground KTFO.

 Don't believe me? Go find a barrio or ghetto, find a boxing gym in said barrio or ghetto and take a shot at the top fighter and see what happens;)

 LOL @ people who think that just because they got a blue belt in BJJ they are now Royce Gracie.  Guess what, Royce has been training his whole life!

Wow you're a dipshit, I said nothing about him fighting MMA.

Floyd is so talented he's making NFL picks in the middle of this fight.

Stop getting trolled so easily, guys.

Yeah, Floyd's incredible.

No, I've seen plenty of rhodges's posts on the UG and OG. He's not a troll, he's a dumbass.

So stop enabling him.

He doesnt fight anyone. Gotti??? He needs to fight Kosta , cotto, Juda.

That was the first time I watched an entire boxing program.Floyd seems like a great boxer, and the Nigerian heavyweight seemed good as well.

As much as I admire his amazing speed and defense..

I like bangers. and just like Floyd and Roy Jones, just never banged it out... they win, but they don't hurt opponents.

just an opinion..

So ko's or tko's are not hurting opponents? Just because you take very little damage to yourself doesn't mean you aren't damaging the opponent.

Judah is at a higher weight class now. Gatti is actually ranked higher than Cotto right now, so it's a smart fight for Floyd to take given that he'll probably easily outbox him. The 140 pound division is absolutely stacked right now, there are so many awesome fights to be made.

Mayweather is the highest skilled boxer in the game right now.  The only knock I can put on him is that doesn't have KO power as he continues to move up weight classes.

I know he won by ko due to body blows, but like Jim Lampley said, "Even if a fly lands 60% of his power shots, he's gonna cause some damage."

Mayweather hits hard, but if he goes to 147 he's not gonna have the power to win by ko.  He can still win, but KO's are gonna be far and few in between IMO.


I hope he doesn't keep moving up or he could turn out like Mosely, too underpowered to KO anybody at that weight. Unlike Mosely, though, Floyd has amazing quickness and boxing skills to fall back on.

"Unlike Mosely, though, Floyd has amazing quickness and boxing skills to fall back on."

I disagree with you there.  Mosely has amazing quickness and skill too.

mosley does lack some of the fundamental skill that floyd has. shane doesn't have the defensive skill and the head movement.

gatti will take him out

He is f!cking great. Hand speed, wow!!!

"Mosely has amazing quickness and skill too."

I dunno, Mosely is not really that great of a boxer. When he was down at 135 and 140, he had great speed and power, and was able to KO people with relative ease.

When he got up to 154, he didn't have the same speed, and his power wasn't as huge as it used to be. He doesn't have the fundamental boxing skills to fall back on, which is why, IMO, he hasn't won a fight at 154 so far and would be wise to move back to 147.

Boxing sucks. I used to be a big fan till MMA came along. I was only able to see 1.5 rds of that fight. This is a true statement:

who cares...he`d get raped in mma by b level opponets.

Not sure why that's so hard to believe. For Floyd to KO anyone he has to get a clean shot in when the mma fihter shoots on him. probably a 40% shot at hitting him on the way in. Much less chance of KOing him with that shot. Then once it goes to the ground it's over for Floyd. and I'm not even talking bjj. Same results with a wrestler doing a little g&p.

It's not hard to believe. It's just completely irrelevant to this discussion. I don't see why that is so hard to understand.