Foot cramps

OK, seems about this time every year, I start getting cramps in my feet while asleep.  usually about 3/4 am.  Usually results in 2nd and third toes (big toe being #1) kinda doing the splits.  Hurts *real* bad, and will wake me up.  Had it happen to me today while swimming as well.  Any ideas/advice?

Also, tend to get cramps in my calf at night as well this time of year.

Seems to be something to do with autumn?  I seem to be fine the rest of the year....

Generally this problem seems to be caused by electrolyte deficiencies. It does seem seasonal, i have no idea why, but that is common.

Eat a few banana's every day to see if it goes away. 2 or 3. If that doesnt work, then make sure you are getting plenty of calcium, potassium, and salt in your diet.

If none of that works, then its something beyond my scope. 95% of the time, bananas do the trick.


fair enough.  I love the things.  will grabs ome and give it a try.  thanks!


Could also be a caffeine thing. My mom can't drink coffee or tea any more because of this. She used to drink gallons of it with no ill affect and then started getting cramps that woke her up. Stopped drinking tea and coffee and they went away.

Only guess at seasonal reason is that you are drinking more hot drinks cos it's autumn. Could be totally wrong here!


I get them seasonally as well and i never drink coffee! Interesting, though.... I wonder if it was the caffiene itself, of if the caffiene had a secondary effect (like depleting electrolytes or something).


Is it working?


can also be caused by cold, believe it or not. Very common when you're surfing or swimming in cold water, especially with fins on. So if your feet are cold at night, that could be helping.

Seems to be working.  No problem yet except a lil cramping in the pool last night.  Cold water there, but hit me about 40mins into the swim and nothing bad like before.