For those picking Colby over Usman, how do you see him winning?

If you are picking Colby, I’m just curious how you see him winning. Let’s hear it!

Volume striking and pace.

The first fight was very close. The judges had it 2-2 going into the 5th round.


He was winning the first fight. Rounds 1 2 and 4. Who knows what woulda happened had he not been finished

He has to do the same thing he did the first fight. Speed and volume and just keep touching Usman over and over don’t stop. Drown him. Just needs to have better defense and not get hit with the big shots


Frankly I think this one is too hard to call they are both fucking First class killers. I think Colby may be a little more motivated, that may be enough to give him the W. Really could go either way.


He says on the preflight content, better defense, higher guard, more head movement. If he can avoid unnecessarily getting tagged, easier said than done, he has a good chance. Great fight, one of the best rematches


Good answers so far.

Do you guys think Usman’s marked improvements might cause Colby issues?

I rewatched the first fight yesterday and was reminded Usman hurt Colby at least a few times on the feet, both to the body and head. Colby didn’t seem to hurt Usman at least visibly.

So it seems Colby’s path to victory most likely would be via decision.

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Strictly head hunting.cant risk another fake nut shot


Colby over us an unless us an cheats again

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Anyone think Colby might try a takedown this time?


I actually was surprised Colby landed some of the shots he did after seeing the dramatic Countown clips. Not sure Usman was ever really hurt but the clips make it look like he felt some. I thought it was mostly spam by Colby originally.

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The only thing Colby can really do to “change it up” is to go for takedowns to try to drain Usman. But that comes with a huge risk of having a much stronger Usman end up on top of Colby, which I dont think Colby wants. Other than that, his striking is fine, but Usman’s striking causes much more damage. Not sure if he wants to go toe to toe with Usman again. Colby’s only way to win is by points. Where as Usman can and has stopped Colby with heavy shots.


He fucking should. I was screaming for it in the first fight


hahahaha…DC just said on ESPN that Usman broke Colbys jaw

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I think Usman has improved more than Colby has since their first fight. Usman’s striking is better, and they are pretty much even when it comes to wrestling and cardio.

I could be wrong, but I think it going the same way - Close competitive fight with Usman finishing strong and stopping Colby late or getting a decision after 5.

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If it really was broken why would he deny it now lol. He said it was broken between rounds but he either was wrong or is now decided to lie about it which doesn’t make sense

If anything admiring it broke in the 3rd round makes him more badass because he won the 4th round… imo

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I wasn’t snapped like Kajan Johnson’s was.

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I think Colby can win but it won’t be from any major improvements from him. I just feel like Kamaru’s body is gonna give out on him at some point, he’s been saying for years he has no knees and can’t run. And it’s only been title fights since then.

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I still think that Usman should have have been fined for faking the nut shop. That was bullshit.


Huh, you mean when Colby faked an eye poke after one of the most significant non-KO strikes in UFC welterweight history, which successfully faked out the ref and afforded Colby a timeout?

Better angle and aftermath here: larger than 6120KB)

Then Colby whined endlessly on social media after the fight that the ref didn’t make even more mistakes in his favor!


I’m not picking Colby to win but if he does for 5 rounds what he did for 4 rounds last time out, he could win. He’s a tough guy with a ton of offensive output that Usman should be able to match. But most of the rounds can end up close like last time.

Usman came out of the previous fight with a healthy amount of respect for Colby’s fighting ability. He said so in his post fight interviews. He needs to have maintained that. He can’t think, I ko’ed him last time, I am better now, I should ko him earlier this time. I expect Colby to be a relentless dog out there.