forearms become tight when grappln

hello, does anyone out there also have this problem when rolling?

my forearms get really tight and seem to swell??????

is it fatigue?

lactic acid build up?

what can i do to avoid this and/or need to change in my diet? or take in.

thanks so much in advance.

You're gripping too hard/too much. Your forearms are getting swollen with blood. Fatigue and lactic acid are present, but not exactly the whole of your problem.

How long have you been grappling for?


on and off for 3 yrs ... i don't belong to a school, just workout w/ friends.

Hmm. Well i would guess that it would go away (since it happens to most people) if you trained more consistently.

Is it gi or no gi?


mostly no gi but it has happened while doing gi.

anyways, i notice that it happens when i'm trying to do chokes on my opponent. from guillotines or rear naked and scarf chokes.

my friend is a lot bigger and really strong so, i always have to work extra harder to get the tap.

there are times when, i'd have a solid choke on but gas out or arms gets so tight that i have to let go.

I had this happen when I started training no-gi after a long time training gi olny. I found myself clenching my fists for no reason.

whiteknuckle jiu-jitsu?