Fort Worth, TX Ankle Lock Seminar

Kenny McClure Ankle Lock Seminar

Saturday, June 26, 2004

1:00PM to 5:00 PM

The primary focus of this seminar is to build a deep understanding of the straight ankle lock that will allow the student to develop his or her own individualized ankle lock game. The seminar is arranged into a logical progression of material so that each section builds upon the principals of the previous section. The primary topics of the seminar are as follows:

Attacking the Ankle (45% of the Seminar) – the fundamental principals behind the ankle lock (angles, leverage, positioning, etc.), different finishing positions and set-ups, developing sensitivity and transitions, etc.

Defending Against the Ankle Attack (25% of the Seminar) – preventing and countering the attacks from the previous section.

Recovering from a Countered Ankle Attack (25% of the seminar) – This is the single most problematic area for most people. This section covers techniques and strategies on how to recover position, or in some case the submission, once the ankle lock has been successfully countered.

Progressions (5% of the seminar) – Placing together combinations of Attacks, counters, and recoveries to form realistic drills that can be practiced to increase transitioning and sensitivity skills as well as technical abilities.

Cost - $75.00

Location -

TravisLutter's Brazillian Jui-Jitsu

(New Location)

1733 E Square

Fort Worth, TX 76120

For more information,email –

Thanks, ORB.





Sign me up, but considering I just had ankle surgery, I think I'll be watching mostly. haha.



You still have one good ankle, Travis.




If you are in the area I highly Recomend you go to this.

Kenny has the ankle locks down to a sicence ask around Alvis Soliz, Carlos Machado, Eric Williams, Travis Lutter, Lavato Jr. any of these guys or anyone who has ever rolled with him will tell you he is the real deal in ankle locks.

Kenny, sign me up,do us hard working Texas Subbmission Challenge employees-(slaves) get a discount?

It's pittiful to see a grown man like Robert DeFranco have to come on a public forum and beg for free services.  I sometimes wonder how you can still look at yourself in the mirror.  I hope Kenny makes you pay $100 because of this shameful display.

*In my best Chris Rock voice*

How much for a chicken wing?


Your right Rodney,i should have done what you did and just call Kenny and beg to go for free.And just to set the record straight,Carlos had two new students tonight and Rodney hurt them both.Way to go Rodney,way help your intructor.Walk by any mirrors tonight????

Just to set the record straight (although I'm still gonna get goofed on) I only hurt 1 guy.  The other guys screamed in pain but was not really injured.  The guy I did injure came down on his shoulder wrong when we were doing the plier sweep and I was letting him down gently.  I felt bad though cause it was his tryout class.  I don't think he was really injured because he kept doing techniques and never said anything about being hurt but when it came time to spar he told Carlos he was hurt and had to leave. 

Hey Rodney, don't listen to Rob.  You just keep saying whatever it takes to allow yourself to sleep at night.  I can accept you for the thuggish bully that you are.  If Rob can not, that is his problem...

Because you are good enough...

smart enough...

and doggonit, people like you!


I have decided when I open up my own school I will name it Stuart Smalley Jiujitsu.  It will be a beautiful nurturing environment that will not tolerate mean hurtful people like Robert.