Francis: I don’t make enough money. Also Francis:

I can’t smoke at all when I’m sick…when I feel like smoking I know I’m coming out of it…thats me tho

I make so much less than Francis and I feel pretty fortunate, you wouldn’t expect someone who was working in a salt mine and is now making millions to still complain. It’s a little sad really

He will always be a dirty slumdog.

I personally had that experience as well but it only lasted like that for 3 days, so hopefully better days are in store for you.

I hope you get well soon my friend.


Or someone coming from welfare wanting hundreds of millions right?

I lift weights man. Used to be minimum 5 days a week but I’m weak as shit now.

I’ll get back in there soon and like you said, I know I’ll be fine long term but I agree, it did not feel like a normal cold for me. It was a feeling I never want again

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Neither do I.
I owe, I owe, its off to work we go.

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I haven’t read the whole thread, so don’t know if anyone has mentioned this but Francis does a lot of charitable work back in Cameroon.

The reason he wants to make the most of his career financially may not just be for himself, he probably wants to lift up his community and make martial arts an option for more kids there.

Even if that’s not the case, the UFC heavyweight champ should be earning more when you compare with the best of other sports.


Totally agree with my nirmal flus colds and coughs. And whilst i had fever with first covid.

However with this on goong fucked low level cough and cold with the family at the moment. Smoking has helped me.


So weird how much this place has changed and supports the org over fighters. Yeah Francis is getting paid, he deserves it

“She’s like a woman walking with a Virginia ham under her arm, crying the blues because she has no bread”

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You are allowed to be pro both and like the ufc and fighters.

The fuck the ufc and fuck Dana fighter pay waaaa argument is tired and old as fuck. It doesn’t hold water 9 times out of 10

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Francis for whatever reason doesnt move the needle. And hes always trashing the company and unappreciative of what the UFC has done for him. He sees the UFC as a stepping stone to getting ko’ed in boxing.

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The welfare guy is a huge seller though. Salt mine KO guy isnt there yet.

We gotta use names like this for everybody so any noobs will have zero clue wtf is going on here.

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Im assuming the welfare guy is Conor Macgregor? Didnt he take money meant for single moms!?

Guys I haven’t been posting much but I’m here all the time. Go easy on me if I offend. Here’s my take.

We really don’t know what these guys make as it’s so and so says this and so and so says that. I know we’ve seen some “proof” type documents before but is not like we’re looking at their tax or bank statements.

We all deserve more money. Me, you, Francis. We all have the right to do things to get it and I hope we all do.

I’m barely a white collar guy in my job and pay. If I was to start saying the things these fighters say about my boss/company around the factory I’d be in hot water right away. It’s not right or professional to disparage your company/boss like that and expect that you’re helping you’re case. There’s ways to go about it and in most cases blabbing out negativity on the web is not going to get you there. That’s my problem with this whole put it on full blast approach.

I should add I do not have a contract, I did not sign something saying I would do this and that and then try to change it mid-stream. Being under contract makes all this even dumber. Do what you said you would and renegotiate when it’s time.

I also think for Francis’s case he’s playing his hand all wrong. He has huge opportunities here but he’s painting himself into a corner that’s full of pitfalls. In any event I can’t wait for this fight it’s going to be huge.

They both want more money. Same same.

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What did Francis say he was making? With endorsements and pay per view?

I just came back to rolling after covid and the first few days were rough as hell.

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There is a high likelihood that he doesn’t own the watch. The fact that they are announcing it beforehand tells me the company is probably lending him the watch and paying him to wear it at a public appearance.