Frank: I'll Smash Cung in 45 secs

 Here the new Frank Shamrock interview at  Just click the radio link in the upper right corner.  Frank talks, Cung Lee, Ken, Strike Force and more...


 He also calls Dana an idiot.

Not the words of a smart person. Cung Lee beat Frank Shamrock soundly.
Like him or not, Dana White in NOT an Idiot.

He did a bang up job of it the first time around

Frank always makes me laugh.

i love when frank cracks on dana.



Weak Sauce.

But I won't miss a Frank Shamrock fight.

Yea, I dont think Frank can take Cung down. If so, Frank must like having the shit kicked outta himself.

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Snarl Snatch - If he would just take Cung down for fuck's sake.

I dont think Frank can take Cung down... but yeah he could try.

 He didn't even really try. I think he could take him down easily. His ego got the better of him in that fight. He wanted to beat Cung at his own game, not very smart.

 frank has never had good takedowns, while Cung is an excellent wrestler on all accounts. i don't think he would get one takedown.

jon fitch himself came on here and said Cung is legit. they've traind together, BTW.

He rarely shows respect to anyone, I can't stand Frank Shamrock, he is starting to sound like Tank Abbott

Franks takedowns were better then average for the era he fought in where guys really weren't as cross trained as today. He had no problems taking down Igor Z or John Lober for example but never of those guys had the wrestling background Cung has.

Anyway, I actually thought Cung was gassing a bit and the momentum was changing when they stopped the fight. Cung was impressive as hell though and deservedly won.

I agree bryanand.

It was a great fight closer then a lot of people on here like to give credit for. Frank was certainly making a late comeback and the momentum was starting to swing his way.

I'd watch a rematch.

 i'd certainly be interested in another bout. the first one was excellent.

I'd watch a rematch too, but I doubt it would be any different; it just looked like Cung had the right skillset to beat Frank. I'm not saying Frank couldn't win, but I think Cung 7-8 times out of 10.

Lyoto Machida vs Cung Lee

that would be insane I wouldn't know who to root for.


 ttt for the gif of Frank landing on his ass with his feet up in the air after Cung throws him away like a rag doll.

I donno, I always thought of Frank as a top tier fighter, but my confidence was a little bit shaken when I saw him training with the samurai sword stuff for the Cung fight.