Frank Mir is the Devil.

I know for a fact he killed my dog.

I am sure he has wronged many others.

Feel free to share your experiences.

Hate the Frank.


Since my last post I'm pretty sure he keyed my car.

He likes to scare kittens,
he makes fat jokes about the Statue of Liberty,
and he likes to taunt disabled Veterans.

This thread is 100% win and I support it until the end.

Frank Mir had sex with my tortoise.

I'm pretty sure I hate all guys that make a good living hanging out at titty bars.

DAMMIT. He just screwed my wife.

your karma really is bad, motherfucker.

I think he's in my house!

There are alot of great teachers that didn't rape my grandmother.

Hate the Frank.

i saw him in a supermarket knocking over cartons of eggs and blaming some little kid.

Kalle Mero - 
JOB - Frank Mir had sex with my tortoise.

C'mon, your tortoise is a total slut, and everybody knows it. Who HASN'T your tortoise slept with?

True enough :(

Frank Mir kicked my dog.


Frank Mir almost the whole thing.

i'm not going to add fuel to the fire. but if its not true, why won't he just come out and say he doesn't rape & torture homeless puppies? thats what i want to know


he pissed on my leg

you got off easy

the devil has more personality

Frank Mir was an exec at Enron