Frank Mir VS Josh Barnett....?

Frank Mir has been looking like a beast. The guy is legit one of the best grapplers in mma. He has beat minotauro 2x in dramatic fashion. Also destroyed kongo who cain couldn't put down. So a big athletic bjj master with good striking and KO power.
The guy is top 10 hvy weight imo and if he gets you on the ground he can tap you. Even Lesnar. Minotauro. Sylvia...

Josh Barnett. Pride vet. Catch wrestler. Old school mma guy. I've always liked and mostly respected jb even when he destroyed randy couture and later tested dirty for steroids. Lol I was disappointed ... but you can't deny the guys skills .
Great submissions and damn good takedowns and striking aswell. His striking is elite level mma. Also a top 10 heavy weight. Has looked impressive in his last couple fights and tested clean.

Who wins and why?

I got Barnett 2nd.... round tko the better striking and chin imo

I'd like to see that

I'd love to see this fight too and Mir would win!! Phone Post

Mir finished crocop. Something Barnett couldn't do. Real talk Barnett fought them in their prime though. Big difference.

Mir has power in his hands and submissions and could very well win this fight.

This would be good. Mir Phone Post

My guess is their making a Cain vs Mir fight for no.1 contender after the jds vs Brock/Overeem fight Phone Post

Mir is probably a bit better in every area except his chin. Love to see this fight.

I see Mir winning Phone Post

Mir 2nd rd sub Phone Post

Mir easily.

Barnett hasn't really been fighting top competition in the last few years while racking up wins.

 Love to see this fight.

Mir by broken limb Phone Post

RyannVonDoom -
1800champagne - Mir is probably a bit better in every area except his chin. Love to see this fight.

Mir is the poorman's barnett with a far weaker chin. Phone Post

I love mir but this is a perfect analysis IMO Phone Post

Very close matchup, I think Barnett has the advantage due to wrestling though.

Did Barnett ever gas?

Maybe in the 2nd Cro Cop fight? I forgot. Phone Post


Great fight.

Hands go to Mir nut Barnett will get the fight to the ground quite easily. And I don't see him getting tapped from Mir. (or swept). Phone Post

if you all think mur has a chance v barnett then u are delusional. Zombie Nog knocked his ass out last fight.

This fight must happen. That is all. Phone Post