Frank Shamrock is "the Greatest of all Time"

Well, according to Mike Goldberg at UFC 22 on September 24th, 1999 Frank was at that time "the greatest ever." I just got done watching the fight between Tito and Frank and it was a classic matchup. Frank was 4-0 going into this fight and there was a great bit of buildup, as Tito had talked quite a bit of smack. Tito utilzed superior wrestling in order to dominate Frank for most of the fight, but because visibly exhausted as the fight went on, having kept Frank on his back for most of the match.Deep in the 4th, Frank swept Tito and they ended up back on the feet. Tito then went in with a lazy shot, and Frank tried to lock on the guillotine. Frank used the guillotine the sweep tito over, then hopped to his feet. Tito wrapped around Franks ankle, trying to hold on for dear life while Frank pounded the side of TIto's head with elbows and hammers fists. SUPRISINGLY, Tito actually tapped to strikes, a rare occurence in MMA.

After the match, Frank would state in the post fight interview that he was "bored" and would retire from MMA. He told Jeff that he would leave the belt inside the octogon for the next guy to come and get. Bob entered the octogon and said to Frank that it was his belt to take home with him. After all the shit talking, Frank and Tito exchanged kind words in a great show of respect for one another.

Awesome moment in MMA history.


No HOF for you!

-DFW Jr.


Great post-fight scene yeah

Yes it was.

4-0 = GOAT Phone Post 3.0

Pessimist_Pete - 4-0 = GOAT Phone Post 3.0

hey hey heyyyy...He "imposed his will' and was able to "reign surpeme" against 4 other fighters including an Olympic Gold medalist and Tank Abbott! That's gota count for somethin!

I remember Chuck making a comment about that during their TUF season. "Quitting is just like tapping strikes". Phone Post 3.0

Another few points from this one:

1. Tito outweighed Frank by 20 pounds. Back then this was no biggy....but TODAY??? Sheeeeeet. "Eye wood hab to take 12 month to mek dees moob to meedul-wet"-GSP

2. Tito was only 24 when the fight took place.

3. Frank retired from the octogon at 26 years old, on top, as it were. Unheard of today of course.

4. Buffer's hair was almost completely black

5. Frank came out with quite the stable of guys, including Maurice Smith and TK. (Tsuyoshi Kosaka)

Shit homeboys I just can't get enough of vintage MMA. Pardon my excitement but I've been watching non stop for 3 days straight.

""4. Buffer's hair was almost completely black""

Check......and Mate! haha Phone Post 3.0

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Awesome fucking picture man. Although Tito talked so much shit, ultimately he was humbled and as you see, he is wearing Frank's shirt after the bout. Classic, classic, classic moment in MMA history for me. Correct me if im on crack, but is that Tiki on the left????

Also, notice Big John's shirt? The event was UFC XXII, but he is wearing a UFC XX shirt...They were even recycling shirts back then! YES!


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how in the FACK did you do that so fast homey!


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brings back memories .... The cover of the UFC 22 video cassette in stores was like the ones you would see as a movie cover.

Great build up...tons of hype (in the dark ages) and a legendary match. Tito takes out 2 Lion's den fighters and insults them in the process with his post-fight T-shirts. Frank (who left the Lion's Den) is now being called out by the young and stronger challenger. After making Tito work for most of the match, Frank ends up giving Tito a lesson in respect by breaking his will. Tito finished Guy Mezger with elbows to the head when the ref called TKO. Frank made Tito tap out to elbow strikes to the head. Tito end ups wearing a pro-Frank Shamrock T-shirt after the fight. You couldn't write that any better.

Frank's 5 fight run as MW (now LHW) champ was awesome. His 2 first fights lasted less than a minute total. One was submission in to determine the first ever MW champ and the other was slam-KO in a title unification bout against the Extreme fighting champ. The commentators said that Frank was always in Ken's shadow since Ken was such a star. After that his 2nd quick finish, they said Frank was creating a shadow of his own.

Frank already left an impact and his legacy was cemented, but it was great to see him return and show the new crowd he was a star and showman. Frank helped Strikeforce break the North American attendance record in San Jose when he fought Cesar Gracie. He crushed Baroni with his trash talk and put on a show in their fight.

hellz ya! Who has the GIF of Franks KO SLAM?

He medically retired zinoviev Phone Post

Favorite old school ufc is is ufc x. My god what a show Phone Post

Honorable mention to ufc brazil. Frank shamrock put a beating on john lober! Phone Post