Frank Shamrocks Website

The intro is insane, a must watch. Click on the high bandwidth. You gotta love this guy.


Tito must love that intro.


frank is a stain on mma class. being a good fighter does'nt exuse being a prick. i hope he sticks around long enough to give me a shot at watching my favorite fighters kick his ass.

You will wait for millenia for him to get his arse kicked

Is that a Mazda Millenia.

Touche ;) Lol

LOL Was it really necessary for him to have laser beams shooting from his eyes ?

Why do 90% of all fight related websites have to be made by complete retards? Frank Shamrock's new site is a gay peice of shit. First you spend 5 minutes waiting for the fucking thing to load and THEN you get to pick if you want the high bandwidth version or the low bandwidth version. I've got news for you, flash monkey. Once the entire fucking site has loaded, that's a moot point. Past that, picking High Bandwidth takes you on a magical voyage into the steely strong eye of Frank Shamrock where you get to watch an unwatchable pixelated clip of Frank beating Tito Ortiz (back when beating Tito actually meant something). As the ultimate finale, Frank shoots laser beams out his eyes to spell his name in the same sans serif font my grandmother uses for her church bulletins. Not like I go to church or anything. HAIL SATAN!

Nice work docsavagemtl, I was thinking the same thing.

damn..lasers rule

wow...the laser eye thing is a bit over the top...but nice site :)

If he can shoot laser beams from his eyes, I'd bet you could conjure up some lightning bolts from his arse.

1) First things first. Scott Rewick is the man.

2) If I ever have my own website, movie, or music video I WILL have lasers beams shooting out of my friggin eyes.

3) Frank Shamrock is a 7th Dan is submission fighting? sweet

bahhhhh fricken laser beams....hahahaah

zuffa probably owns that footage, and frank hates zuffa, and vice versa....  lawsuit???

I am going to tell a little story as to why I do not respect Frank as a person, not a fighter. I think he is /was a really good fighter. But after seeing this website, it just makes me want to tell this story.

I grappled at a NAGA event in Mass. around 2000. I can't remember the event name but Frank Shamrock was the guest referee for the super fight. It was a good tournament with the exception that the guy who beat me and won the novice division also won the next division up.

During one of the breaks, a group of people, including me were standing around Frank asking him questions. Someone asked about a certain fighter and Frank responded back with " ah, that guy is a total retard". While this in itself could be construed as a derogatory comment, It didn't really bother me too much until I saw a dad turn around a take his Downs Syndrome son back to the stands. It was at this time that Frank broke out in laughter causing two or three more people to do the same.

I was disgusted and felt bad for the dad and son.

^ lol...hahahah

SOunds like it was embarrased laugh not malicious.