Frank Trigg in jail 8-8-12


Uh oh Phone Post

UGCTT_painbringer - any  pics of the chick he porked?


no reason to ever choke a woman like that... he'll do time

Apparently a better commentator than husband.

He deserves time if he did that to his wife. Phone Post

that picture is from the last time he was arrested last year for the same exact thing.


oohhhh ok. this IS the charge from last year. OK i get it. thanks for the link

he got fired right after this happened at HDNet didn't he?

His life is about to take a very serious turn towards hell.

Mr He - 
Musashi - 
Mr He - Why do they put that info on website for the public to view?

that is insane, i live in England and i have never seen that happen. Sometimes they report stuff on the news though, but i have never seen a register type thing dedicated to providing the public with info regarding arrests/convictions.

Do you prefer a government that arrests and imprisons people without public accountability?

Well being arrested/convicted usually makes you look bad to employers and people in general.

It's just an arrest/conviction, it hardly proves anything - it's a legal game, it should not be made public knowledge.

in the states all arrests are posted in the morning paper from the night least it is where i live. and i believe most criminal records and inmate records are public record but you have to request maybe? not clear on the last part.

 think he'll still go by the name 'twinkle toes' in the slammer?

Surprised he wasn't the choke victim Phone Post

Da Ghost - 

Surprised he wasn't the choke victim Phone Post



Maybe she is a real bitch Phone Post

 If this is indeed true, then fuck Frank Trigg; you don't strangle a woman like that, especially when you're a pro fucking fighter.

Fighter Bashing, whatever; that's the fucking truth