Franklin-Okami : Hand touching

I went back to review this fight...and I got a chance to see that flying knee attempt at the beginning of the 3rd round.

Interesting that they both touched hands at the start of round 1 and 2, but round 3, Franklin comes out to touch hands again, but Okami has other plans and throws the flying knee.

Now I know nothing came of that flying knee, but let's just talk about the sportsmanship of that.

With the precedence being set in round 1 and 2, is Franklin "dumb" for assuming the 3rd round would include the same "hand shake"?
Is Okami smart for trying to captalize??? is Okami a prick for trying to exploit the hand shake by Franklin?

If you review the tape, you can see Franklin came out with his hand wayyyy off to the side (not exactly in a fighters stance)...and since Im a Franklin fan, I think it was both cowardly for Okami (since the precedence was already set at the beginnings of round 1 and 2), but also risky for Rich to assume a handtouch.

prick move, imo.
I've had similar shit happen to me in a couple of my fights. so I won't touch gloves again one that first round bell rings.

yeah...the finger wagging was right after the knee...I wish I could make GIFS, cause I'd love to show this section again to you can see Franklin come out with his hands wide open (like a hug), and then his eyes get really big and he just dodges the flying knee)
I didnt catch it when it happened....then I caught it on my 2nd review of the fight...

I was hella pissed!
hence the start of this thread.

I think it was TOTALLY prickish but Im the biggest Franklin nuthugger, so that totally has an effect on my view...
Now I feel ok that you guys are along the same lines...

I agree. Touch gloves before the fight, swing gloves during the fight, bow/touch after the fight. That little glove touching at the start of rounds and expecting a fighter to follow suit sort of takes away from a guy with explosiveness. If a guy comes out with his hand up and you throw a knee/kick/punch/shoot in, it makes you look like the ass for "sucker punching" even though you touched gloves once before the bell rang.

See, I don't hate on James Irvin for his early flying knee on Terry Martin.
Cause those guys hadn't set the precedence of touching gloves....

Had Okami blown Franklin off at the beginning of the 1st or 2nd rounds, that's fine...but for him to pull that move at the start of the 3rd seemed to wreak of desperation and Im really glad Franklin didn't get clowned by that move...

It's up to the fighters to decide what to do...whether they wanna shake hands or not, and how many times...but it's dirty to pull off what Okami did in round 3.

I wish Okami had pulled it off, then maybe we'd see an end to the constant glove touching. Like Blurev said, save it for before and after the fight. We get it -- you respect each other.

bad sportmanship

Protect yourself at all times IMO.

It's not like Okami pretended he was going to touch gloves and then went for the knee. Rich just assumed he would touch again, but Okami wanted to surprise him.

they don't touch hands at all in pride

Well, it seemed to have helped Okami in that last round.. Probably shouldn't have touched gloves in the other two.

definite dick move, given the circumstances

cock move, and seen a LOT in amateur MMA.

Im really glad to see a high % of people agreeing to this thread...'s nice to see that sportsmanship is held in regard by the UG'ers

I'm annoyed by the fact that they have to touch gloves in every round.
Shouldn't it be enough that you do it after the staredown and perhaps in the final round if you've had a very intense fight.
Due to it every round starts slow, so imo Okami did the right thing.

that would of been funny if Franklin would of dodged it and Okami knocked himself out on the side of the cage. It would of looked like an Ace Ventura movie

bad sportsmanship

I agree that touching gloves should not occur over and over and over again. Do it before and after the fight.

It was a prick move but I gotta admit I'm a little sick of all the hand touching. They already touched gloves after Big John told them to. I feel like there is too much "respect" shown in fights now days. They shouldn't be friends.

It was a prick move but I gotta admit I'm a little sick of all the hand touching. They already touched gloves after Big John told them to. I feel like there is too much "respect" shown in fights now days. They shouldn't be friends

yeah I aree, I have no problem with sportsmanship, but its the same shit like in HS wrestling, you would shake a guys hand before and after, thats it. I always hated after a tough match of a finals match when a guy would walk past me and hug me. GTFO.

Do it before the fight and maybe after an accidental foul, this isn't fucking sparring.