"Free Day" Diet Question

Forgive me for my ignorance in this matter. I have been following a strict diet/workout routine for 3 weeks now. I have seen good results so far. During the week I eat very "clean." However, the program calls for me for once a week to eat whatever I want. I do understand the purpose of increasing your caloric intake once a week. I might be splitting hairs, but how much more do I need to eat. I read that some say only increase by 100 to 200 calories while others say that one would need to consume more than that on your "free day?" What say you?

In my opinion a Free day is more to quench your cravings, giving your self a break from counting calories and not "splitting hairs". Relax and Enjoy.

It was my understanding that the free day was to keep the metabolism burning at a higher rate while you significantly cut calories during the week.

Just be careful. Going too nuts on a cheat day can keep you craving the bad shit. What's your clean diet looking like?