Free MMA gloves

for the right funny as hell tma stories, I have 2 large and 2 mediums to give away, so if you have big fat hands they won't fit, the stories must be sent to, if you don't include your address with the original email you won't be considered, unless I shoot milk out of my nose laughing at your story, It just cuts down on my time emailing back and forth.

Everyone who has won so far,your stuff is going out tommorrow, thanks for playing.

shoot,i dont have any funny tma stories.i have some funny stores from the Marine Corps,will that do?

yes military stories will be accepted, gotta respect the military, we love you guys.

the email address is or go to the contact us section of the website?

FREE MMA gloves I'd ttt this all day for some free gloves!



go to the contact section of the website, I sent you to the website to try and get you to buy stuff


keep em coming I have some good ones but I have decided to give away 3 large and 3 medium

how are the GIs?

Gi's are awesome! I have a red one.The white one's are single weave. The red ,blue and black are double weave. Highly durable.

get yer gloves and be a mma star

Sent you my sad Army injury story...If you send me the gloves I'll sit at home and sadly shadowbox in the mirror while sobbing like a badly beaten foster child until I can train again.

Or maybe just curl up on the couch, put my gloves on and cry while watching TUF with my Brock Lesnar Plush Doll.

I have a Kujo story. Might not be funny, but it's pathetic as hell...

If you send me a pathetic kujo story I can almost guarantee you will win

when are you determining the winners? and did you like my piss bomb story?