FREE program- need guinea pigs for book

Hey guys, Chris Merritt here of

I am wrapping up my strength and conditioning for MMA book, looking to release it by May- but I need some more people to run through the program and write their honest, complete thoughts of it.

- Must be willing to write a QUICK review at the end of each week
- Must be willing to submit before and after pictures
- Must have prior experience lifting
- Prefer active, competitive MMA and BJJ athletes, but not a deal breaker
- must complete the entire program- 8 and 12 week option.

About me:
I own Beyond Strength Performance NOVA in Dulles, VA where I train current UFC fighter (Dustin Pague), along with a ton of professional and amateur MMA and BJJ athletes. You can read my complete bio, along with a handful of testimonials, at the site listed above.

The program will be kicking off the second week in January 2013.


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