FREE Xmas blue names !

 Ok, let's pick up where we left of at Thanksgiving.  If you were missed on my last give away, show me who you are.

10 free blues in honor of Sean McCorkle !

You must have been here longer than 6 months. And an active contributor.  Go !

 Oh, MR Zipplokk here :-)

 Zippy Claus , its 1 am on the east coast .

 I'tll run for a few days Scrooge, no worry.


WOuld be nice to get my blue back :)

McCorkle is a good man

I contribute when its worth while. :-)

All I want for Christmas is a blue name!!!


 I'm going to pick 10. And everybody has a chance......

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Mine expires in 5 days !
I can't be without html

 is this for muds only?

 please don't give one to joe bruce, that guy sucks...

Other than that...zippy is fuggin awesome.....

 lol @ Zippy Claus, nice.

Im just an 08er tryina 08... Ttt for McOracle Phone Post

Put my name in the hat.

Merry Christmas, Zipp.

ViciousCesar -  is this for muds only?



ok, good luck everyone!