Frequency of resistance cardio

I have been lurking in the S&C forum for a while and taking in the great info here. I am training for World Championships in July and have adopted a couple of the training routines to go along with my regular training and cardio and weight regimens. I added Taku's HIIT, the Tabata Thrusters and front squats and the Team Quest Dumbell Complexes simply because these are what I can do with what I have access to. My question is, as I do the Team Quest Complexes and the Tabata routines, my shoulders and legs get a great burn for a couple days but it messes with my weight workout because I am hesitant to do shoulders and legs when I am sore there because I don't think I have ample amount of recuperative time for them. I train 2-3 times a day besides my job and family and think it's a necessity to do sprint interval and fast twitch resistance training every day since July is coming up. Any suggestions on balancing these cardio sets with weight training?



Good response, thanks. It's such a fine line between crankin up the intensity and overtraining. I'm going to stagger my different cardio instead of doing the Dumbell Complexes THEN tabata front squats THEN Taku's HIIT on a versaclimber or elliptical. I train this at lunch and it seems to make me believe that sometimes I am not just a robot corporate suckjob like the rest of these fools all working around me as I type on the OG. Sadly fleeting moment passes, must return to work.