It is official, contracts will be signed in the morning......Josh Neer vs Ron Krull pro boxing 7 Flags Event Center,Clive,Iowa......For more info or 319-415-5000......

Go Neer

Krull by KO

Hey Everyone,

   Krull is improving his record to 6-20 after Friday night...wait that is disimproving his record...nevermind.

Good luck man, I hope you show up!!!!


...bring your insurance card.

Who is Neer's back up opponent? Haha

"Who is Neer's back up opponent? Haha "

Seriously, that is a good fucking question. It's been over a year since Krull came on here and he's no showed at least two fights. I hope you do have a backup waiting in the wings.

TTT for news that the contract is signed, lol

No offense to anyone here, but this is NOT official yet. I know that Josh wants to do this, but I have to talk to Pat still and confirm it with him first. There are still some details that may need to be worked out. I will call you tomorrow Chad! :)

White your last comment might have you tied for first on the faggotry list.

Will Krull actually show?

Dougie I talked to him and I think he is serious, but I have been fooled before.

Krull is a fag. No show or gettin ko'd again whatever.
HALVERSON!...Get that title baby!

Good luck getting Krull to show then!

Once again... TTT A show I announce

What you people have to remember is that Neer is making his pro debut. I am not some wild swinging limited MMA stand up puncher. I have over 30 fights vs good fighters, many who have been on canvas. Like other mma pro's have said it's differnt in the boxing ring but thats what neer is going to find out the hard way. His manager should be shot, You dont let a kid make his pro debut vs a 30 fight vetran but I'll make my point

I was told that he has zero pro boxing fights, however i dont care if he got a few. I mean the boxing comp in Iowa aint that much. Ive seen toughman that are tougher fighters. I will ko this guy. see who gets the last laugh

wish i could see it

if it happens