Fujita to fight Ibrahim in K1 NYE

Fujita is here training with us at Ruas Vale Tudo to fight the Gold Medalist in Greco Roman wrestling.

Hey Apple, I had a question for ya about Fujita. Could you please drop me an e-mail @ planbstudio@yahoo.com Thanks!

or ask me here

E-mail sent. Thanks!

Goku, are they telling u something different??

how's training going erik?

fujita by TKO

Good matchup.

These fighters want to come to Marco. However Dos Caras never really dedicated himself to training real hard.

Fujita does though. Goku, come on guy!! lol


Fujita used to be a snooze I'm glad he's been training over there. It's helped him a lot.

TTT for an answer from Goku. U never know with K1, but as far as we know , thats who FUjita is fighting. The training is going fine.

ttt 1 more time

Ibrahim is the cream of the crop in wrestling, thats for sure

hmmmm goku

Has Ibrahim ever even fought in MMA??? And who is he training with for this fight??

If he's an mma newbie he's gonna get his fucking ass beat by Fujita.

"he'a noob. So was fujita when he took out kerr."

Fujita can take ungodly amounts of punishment though, and Kerr at that point in his career couldn't fight for more than 5 minutes or so. :)

Always a good move to train w/ Marco and the gang

"hmmm...actually puroresupower.com just reported that if gracie v. akebono goes through, then it will be fujita v. sapp and if gracie v. akebono is called off it will akebono v. sapp...."

A Sapp vs Fujita rematch or a Sapp vs Akebono rematch are both absolute shitsauce fights.

Fujita won his last two fights in fine fashion with the help of Marco. I was the test dummy both times.

OF course he was. His information was coming from Fujita, did you really think Puroresupower's "contacts" would know better than Fujita!?!