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Krazy Mike

No they aren't.


Yes they are. Check under results.

i cant beleive i paid 25 dollars and drove to TJ to those fights. Im now going to kill myself.

LOL I was saying that all night on the way home, I should have atleast got in the ring then I wouldnt have felt so bad....

before i kill myself let me say this. Next time, try to have competetive fights. Also, when fighters are involved in works, they should at least try to make it look real. Van Arsdale is a great fighter, but he is above that shit last night.

ocbadapple and RedDog24

sorry you drove all that way for that but Vernon's and Dean's events were all way better at what I feel were better suited venues....hope you can catch one of them! I think the prob was it was these guys first event and I think they bit off more than they could chew especially a Sunday after Xmas!

Its all good I will just fight next time that way I can make sure there is atleast some blood...


What fight do you think was a work?

Van Arsdales was for sure a work. The venue was kinda cool though. Just mismatches and shit.

I think he means the van arsdale fight....not a work my friend just the other guy really did not deserve to be in there....

That fight was not a work..it was an embarassment but not a work


Hey, Apple... be nice. He is my umm... Besssssst Friend.

Not to mean,but Hopefully taken as constructive critisism.I was comparing the show to a JR high school Play.No seguays,Forgot thier lines,poor technichal stage and props[ie ramp,ring to small for MMA,Lighting,Announcer calling the wrong fighters name,dropping his clipboard,appx 340 people showed up to
a 2500 seat venue,
paul buenatello thanks the crowd in spanish after winning only problem is that there were no hispanic people there accept the workers.
The almost Good things were as follows
1- sherks fight would of been better if they had not kept almost falling out of the ring and getting restarted.
2-The comedian opponant buenatello fought actually caght paul with a runaway jab. As out of shape as that guy was he was tough,He had a sweet level change and shot
for a guy 5'8'' 260.He would be good for any small show card.
3-Wildmans antics after winning another grudge match
I love this showman!props thomas!
4-Terry, This show was more a promotion for KOTC than Epic promotions with thomas ,Paul, The ring announcer and shannon talking about KOTC.
Chuck showing up and promoting UFC tito vs chuck
I am sure he was paid.
In closing I feel bad for the promoter, he had to take a huge loss.There were more workers their than fans
That being said, I would go again 2/12 HR drive and all
It was like having my own mma show in my living room
Van arsdale I am going to try that full nelson neck crank tonight at class!!!

oh god. i hope nobody counts that on Van Arsdale record.

ocbadapple ,,Vans fight was definetely not a work ..He was suppose to fight Montoya who was 240 and he backed out because of an injury ...Van fights Babalu in a month and a half so he wasnt looking for a war ...... Buentello was to fight Lucero but he pulled out ,,Paul got caught in his fight by a pretty quick 280 pounder before he took control ,,,and Seans fight was competitive ....Alot of guys pulled out within the last week so it was hard to find replacements .....I do agree we needed some more competitive fights but it was a nice learning process in every facet of the show ....The production was not aided by the venue who assured me they had it all in order and ready to go...Our announcer was one of my good friends who has never done it before and took the job on 2 hours notice because our other announcer pulled out at the last minute ..and I personally had to improvise in alot of the production which is all new to me ....The show will keep getting better and better believe me ....We have a very good stable of fighters to use in our fights and fortunately they sacrificed with us in this show so they could help us keep costs way down ............We will make every effort to keep making the show better and better so we can have something to look forward too every 6 to 8 weeks in SanDiego ......Thanx to everybody who came out to help support our 1st show and the fighters who came out Chuck Liddell ,,Jeremy Jackson,,Vernon White,,Jimmy Ambriz and Eddie Bravo ..............Also Krazy Mike from Matfighing.com who was as helpful as can be ....

Oh ,,and Chuck wasnt paid a penny,, hes just a cool guy that wil support all of our future shows ....It definetely wasnt profitable but there luckily was not a huge loss just alot of insight gained........

like i said , i liked the venue. But, you need competitive fights. Its ok to have fighters who arent good, as long as there fighting someone of the same caliber. Than its back and forth a little. Sherks fight wasnt competitive. He was in mount 75% of the time. BTW, tell Mike, Babalus comin!! Just kidding. Anyways, at least your doing something unlike most people. You need some Ruas Vale Tudo fighters next time. I'll fight at 185. We got a 205, and 170 lb fighter ready any time.

Mike will be ready ...He was ready for Jan .....

We will definetely contact you for our next show ......