Fulton - Fighters who lie

Travis, I feel what you are saying and would like to go a step farther. Fighters who "lie" is not just a verbal problem either. A lie can be a record of 14-0 fighting guys who are 0-1 with 4 months training and then bragging about an undefeated record. Promoters, trainers, and fighters who fight below their level just to score a win - basically is a lie. I am surprised that coming to my city as often as he does that their are not names from here on his list.

For whatever reason i could not post on the other thread.

BTW, living within driving distance to Ringside and Title - YES - their are more "SElf Made" titles floating around here then in the whole US of A.


He looked like 65 when he lied. He was a friend of mine!

Jeff caught the correct!!! Can someone get him a damn green name PLEASE!!!!

It was probably a limited thread, meaning that blacknamers can not post there.

I agree, intentional missmatching sucks. I have both been overmatched and undermatched, and I do not like either way of being missmatched. A lot of the time the matchmaker is the one to blame, sometimes the fighters do not even know that there is a very bad missmatch.

my pro debut was against a guy who was 15-1 ( but the promoter assured me he was a nobody, and i couldnt find anything on him) and then he walked to the ring with 2 belts and 40 lbs over

That would be an example of a bad promoter.

Cannibal, you ended up eating that promoter for dinner, right?


Who are you referring to Big Diesel?

i would have, but he had a very unhealthy life

Travis, let's see - who am i talking about....
....hmmm - just about any trainer, promoter int he area. From the top of my head alot who contact you. I have been saying the same thing that you just did for years. But when i do it ppl think that i am trying to pump myself or gym or training. That is bullshit - i call it like it is but ppl don't like to hear the truth - truth hurts. if they are full of shit then i call it - next thing i know i am blackballed from the events here in the area. Fine, i would rather have my guys fight on a level playing field out of state then here. problem is they don't get any local press while these fucken clowns do. Yeah i am fed up with but bottom line is being fake is what sells here in KC.

Screw local coverage, bring your boys up here and I will assure you international coverage. There are several good events in Iowa: EC, IC, XKK, and of cource the VFC.

Speaking of which, I am penning the card for November 27th If anyone is interested...

Jay-I'm interested but are you?????????? Great article on Sauer's win(Grappling) by the way!!!!

******** MIKE KYLE ********

Lok up his record on sherdog. he has basicaly just slaughtered guys who are 0-2. he fought 2 "fighters" and lost (Buenetello and Bobish).

How bout people who constantly lie about how long theyve been training? I dont know anyone in BJJ whos trained over 9 months!

It is not really how many fights the guy has had , there are a lot of guys that have been training seriously ofr years and not fought much and some never have fought. But the skill level should be about the same, or skill can compensate for weight. Both should have a shot at winning.

As long as the AC allows these guys to do shows then there will be no new "winds of change". now if the commision does change or ralizes that someone is going to get hurt then they may shut it down completely. I don't know anything of the political side of things i just train teach and do motivational seminars (funny ain't it). KC will not be satisfied until another fighter is killed.

There are some guys who deserve to be set up(local tough guys, shittalkers, etc) but for the most part a nieve person who trains, but just doesnt know the names in the sport shouldnt be set up.

Ive fought lots of first timers...of course with 191 fights thats going to happen. Most fights have a story behind them. Sometimes they are funny ones as well.

Why dont you fight more MMA Jeff? You have some good wins, Mike Delaney, Jermoe Smith, etc.

Hey Travis,

Is Jerome Smith a black guy, around 250? Maybe from around Minnisota (or fought up there in 2001). I recognize the name, just not sure where. Thanks.