Furey and Spartan Health Questions

Lets hear from anyone who has used Furey's combat conditioning program.I have begun to get results.Want to hear testimonials that are'nt off Furey's newsletters.Also is anyone familiar with the spartan health regime.(spartanhealth.com)It comes up on searches for Team Quest or Militech fight camps.Looks and sounds interesting.Wondering if anyone was familiar.


The Spartan program was reviewed by a few guys over at the Animal Ability board awhile back. It doesn't come up on the search anymore but I'm sure if you posted a question someone would fill you in.


Well, I started doing BWE after I bought the combat conditioning book, which I think is the only good product that Furey ever made. The Royal Court was ok (at the time I thought it was great), but I have found workouts like Scrappers to be better in terms of intensity and results.

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I don't know too much about the Spartan Health Regime exercise program, but the diet portion appears to be based on the work of Weston A. Price. Price was a dentist who in the 1930s went around the world and did studies on several cultures who were still following a "primitive" or traditional diet.

Based on his research he came to advocate a diet based on mainly naturally produced food (pasture fed cattle, organically grown produce.) Lots of meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, veggies, fruits. No sugar, no white flour or white rice, no artificial additives.

Seems like a common sense approach for the most part, although there are a few ideas that sound iffy--i.e. that milk should be consumed unpasteurized, and that it's ok to eat butter and cream.

There's a lot of information at the Weston A. Price Foundation website if anybody is interested: